Tuesday, March 23, 2010


[I have a crush on this Olympian! :) ----->]

Inspired by good friend Très Smart, here’s my list of 40 things to do before I’m 40. And being the procrastinator I am, I’ll probably be trying to cram at least 37 of them the night before I turn 40!

1. Snowboard snowboard snowboard!!!!!

2. Write a book or get paid for 20 pages of work.

3. Get married.

[My "daughter!" See the resemblance?]

4. Have kids.

5. Lose 25 pounds so well that I will never find them again!

6. Sing well in front of a crowd of at least 10. Right now I’m thinking “Breathing Underwater” by Marie Digby or “Escapemonos” by Mr. & Mrs. J.Lo [but then I’d need to find a Mr. J.Lo to sing with me!] Any suggestions?

7. Sell 10 photos.

[When I was around my goal weight :) ]

8. Sell 50 pieces of jewelry.

9. Learn to dance.

10. Write three songs.

11. Backpack through Europe!

12. Renovate a house.

[With East Bay Habitat for Humanity]

13. Volunteer 50 hours with Habitat for Humanity.

14. Design and make 3 dresses.

15. Learn to hit a baseball.

16. Go on a mission trip to Uganda or South America.

17. Learn Russian.

18. Better my Spanish skills.

19. Read 10 books from my shelves that I haven’t read before.

20. Organize my favorite photos into an album.

21. Go stargazing on another continent.

22. Go to a SuperBowl!

[The 2010 Olympic Women's figure skating gold medalist- I want to see stuff like this in person!]

23. Go to the Olympics! [as a spectator of course!]

24. Better my clarinet skills [and/or cymbal skills, lol; drum skills if I wanna be REAL ambitious!]

25. Write and give 3 testimonial speeches about God.

26. Rock climbing!

27. Learn to surf.

[A favorite photo; the rest are favorites also]

28. Go canoeing.

29. Finish writing the 40x40 list.



I’ve been told that I’m ambitious. What do you think?

What would your 30x30 or 40x40 list contain?