Saturday, February 20, 2010

Walk This Way

Let me set the scene first. The State Capitol is to my left, the State Library to the right. Across from the Library is Honolulu Hale. The building next to Honolulu Hale and across from the Capitol is where I am taking practicum.

At this spot is a traffic light and crosswalk, a rather wide crosswalk starting at least 5 feet from where the traffic is to stop to allow pedestrians to cross. The first three lanes to cross are heading to my right; the last lane is heading to my left.

Early one morning, the light turns red, the traffic in the first two lanes stop and the whitish-blue man light appears. I begin to cross ahead of a couple fellow crossers. I am about to cross the third lane when I see out of my left that a truck is approaching. Then I realize that the truck is NOT slowing down.

I stop. The truck screeches to a stop… a foot in front of me! In the crosswalk area.

The guy’s passenger window is open and right in front of me. I look at him. He looks back with a FREAKED OUT face.

It takes him a couple seconds to regain consciousness and move on so I can complete the crossing.
Well, as it usually is, it happened so fast. From one second, crossing safely to the next facing a guy driving a truck. I rechecked; we had the light.

It’s not like this was the first time something like this happened. It’s just the first time I was so close to being hit. It is situations like these that cause me to be generally cautious about crossing streets.

At least the guy realized what could have happened. Sometimes people make like pedestrians are a plague to their right to drive [and I know, sometimes pedestrians make crosswalks wherever they like, even across a vehicular green light in heavy traffic- I’ve seen it].

Another good thing was that I was only half awake. Any more awake and I would have been walking faster. I also would have been more freaked out as the driver was.

Or I could also not be writing this to you now.

Thank God for protecting me and the driver from a dangerous situation! Please pray for pedestrian safety and driver alert-/awareness.