Friday, February 12, 2010

A Time Not To Help?

I need to say that I have great respect for bus drivers; my uncle was a bus driver much beloved by his passengers.

I'm sure this bus driver meant well.

The covered bus stops along the highway through my town are about 20' from the corner.

The other night, the bus driver dropped me off between the corner and the bus stop. Nothing wrong with this, but it was DRIZZLING. And cold. And someone was picking me up from the bus stop after I got off, but they weren't there just yet so I got wet as I walked to the stop; my ride arrived about 30 seconds later.

As she stopped, it was dark outside. I was confused because it didn’t seem like we were at the stop but I thought maybe she passed the stop by mistake, so I got off. In that case, I would be walking in the drizzle to the stop and I would have been more okay with that. I guess I thought I would only be a few feet from the stop. Plus, I was tired; it had been a long day already.

So I wasn’t very happy to look down the highway and see that the bus stop was to my left and not my right.

It's not like I was her regular passenger that she would know I would- or in actuality, not- be walking to the corner and then somewhere home from there. How did she know that I didn’t have an umbrella? Because then I could have gotten off at the stop, taken out my umbrella and walked on without getting my head wet. It would have been a longer walk, yes, but a drier one.

It would have been best if she, not knowing me at all, did her job and dropped me off at the covered bus stop.

That's all. I'm not upset anymore. It just wasn't pleasant on my end. The photo shows that it was wet and the stop is several feet away.