Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Slow Kill

I have determined that the SoA is trying to kill me, or at least kill my want to do architecture. I was set to graduate this May, or so I thought.

I am having to do an internship-like thing this semester, which is cutting into my thesis work. I have to do so many hours for so many weeks. Also, this puts me at a full 12-credit semester, for which I have no money, so I am interning full time with no pay and I am brushing off the resume to go paying-job hunting.

At least the stuff I’m getting into at the DOE is interesting.

Now, here’s another back-breaker: I am interning with the DOE, which currently has no money to pay me and is also on furloughs. During a regular 5-day work week, I need to put in 35 hours a week. During a 4-day furloughed work week, I STILL NEED TO PUT IN 35 HOURS A WEEK. That is roughly 9 hours a day during furlough weeks, which wouldn’t be so bad, but in trying to find a nights & weekend job, it makes it even more difficult. Plus, I’d be taking the bus on most days, so going from the DOE office anywhere by bus, is not easy at all.

The earliest I can start my day at DOE is 7:30. A furlough week work day would have me finishing at 4:30 pm, if I don’t take a lunch break, then rush off to the pay-job.

So, please pray that I will be able to handle the furlough weeks and that I will find a good paying job. And I am still committed to working on my thesis through all this and definitely to continuing with the LU. The devil’s gonna hafta work harder than this to take me out! Umm…right??

Gahhhhh!! On top of all this, not helping things. That is all I will say about that.

Oh, also, pray that I will find money for a bus pass, somehow. This would help big time!