Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Line Up

Here’s a bit of express bus culture. After work, people pool into the express bus waiting area at the Alapai Transit Center; this is where the express buses begin their duty to bring people home.

Those who arrive early hold their place in line with an object. The most popular object to lay down seems to be the pen. It’s impersonal, disposable, common, yet holds so much purpose and recognition as it lies on the asphalt in the elements of blazing heat from the sun or cold wetness from rain, etc.

The group waiting at a different gate has opted to hang things along the top of the fence instead of placing things on the ground.

I suppose people’s intent in ensuring an early boarding spot is that one can gain a coveted seat next to the window [to sleep against the window] or make sure they can get two seats, one for their friend at the next stop. Maybe some just like sitting in the same seat each time so they want to increase their opportunities to do so.

Some determine to hold their place in line by physically standing there themselves. Still others casually stand back, not lining up until the bus arrives at the point and is ready to take on passengers.

I tend to be in that last category. The other day, I got there rather early so I sat on a bench near the line. Others came after me and placed their items in front of me in line. I waited until the line reached the bench, and then put my backpack in line- might as well.

It also helps to know which line is for what bus.

Anyways, I just thought this phenomenon was interesting.
It seems to me like most express bus riders are female. There are several Punahou students on the morning route.

That's all I thought I'd share. Mahalo.

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