Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am sick of driving. I have now included in my futures planning a sub-categorical action item of “employ a part-time driver.” Stipulations shall state that this action item shall be put into effect if a) the action plan of working from home fails and b) I do not marry a driver.

This “futures planning” is in regards to a recent update post and feedback-
Me: J____ is trying not to become a normal person!
Justin: likes this.
Marg: That would be so boring, right?!
Me: I had to pull normal people hours today. It is as brutal as I remember it, and a reminder of why I stopped that. I shall soon need to be able to pull superhuman hours.

I am now architecting a 3-phase plan by which in about 10 years I will be able to support me and my family of about 5 through several businesses. When I reach that level, I shall then marry and have kids.

Unless I happen to meet the man of my dreams before the 10 years are up; then I won't have to work (he is a millionaire) and my businesses will convert into hobbies for which I happen to get paid.

Bottom line: making my own hours doing what I want and getting paid adequate money for it; AND working where I will have the shortest commute (as in livingroom or kitchen or basement laboratory) thereby making the most of time.

That wasn't what you were asking, was it?
Yes Marg, it would be boring as well as an insult to the family name.


As I was driving through my neighborhood, I made a right turn which brought me face-to-face [in a way] with a driver coming from the opposite direction. I thought he had looked at me, another car passed in between us, and then I looked again. He was still looking at me… and smiling. And our cars drive apart.

So my mind goes to:
Do I know him?
He looks kinda familiar.
Most anyone will look kinda familiar to me.
Was it Spine?
No, it couldn’t have been.
But his mom does still live a few streets away.
I wonder where Spine is.
It’s possible that it was Spine, if he had filled out a little, darkened his hair and given it a different cut. And if he was into growing out and grooming his facial hair.
It probably wasn’t Spine.
So who was it?
Maybe it was a stranger.
Why would a stranger take a few seconds to look at me for a substantial second or two?
And why would a stranger do that and smile?
Shoots, I didn’t think about noticing what kinda car he was driving.
Ah, forget it. His face has already faded from my mind.

That is the thought process. At least it entertained my mind while I continued the final crawl back home.

[I've been meaning to have more pics with these entries. At least I got this one pic-ed, and no, I was not driving when I took it!]

So, how was your day?