Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Offline Adventure with Level Up

Over the extended weekend, the Level Up Ministry set out on a mission: survive the Koko Crater Trail! 13 of us gathered in the parking lot of the park in Hawaii Kai and then headed out to the beginning of the trail.

The trail is following old railroad track up the west side of Koko Crater, and I mean UP. The first half is on about a 30˚ incline, across a short bridging section, and then grades into about a 60˚ incline, a total of about 1100 rail ties. Just at the 200th tie, people were crying out, “Why?!!” as in “why are we doing this?” and looking to blame someone.

While most of the group forged ahead, a few of us took the slow-and-steady approach. One of us maybe had too much to eat just before the hike and got sick about half way up. We stopped at just about the 700s and let the rest of the group continue to the top.

The conversations of passersby were about the same throughout. “How many steps is it?” “We should have come earlier [or later].” “We must be crazy. Why did we wanna do this?”
In the end, 11 made it to the top, including the oldest in the group at age 35. I am proud of the group for persevering, and I think they’re paying for it now in the currency of hurting muscles. I would have liked to have made it and think I probably could have. All I’ll have to do is sucker someone new into going with me!

The original plan was for the beach after the hike, but the hike ate up everyone’s energy. Beach was cancelled.

Thank God for blessing the day with good weather and for keeping the group safe!