Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watch It!

This is about TV shows. I have a wide variety of interests; if I could focus on just one, I think I’d be amazing at it. I enjoy relationship stories and intellectual stories. You’ll probably get what I mean as I explain what I watch and why.

In reality, I love being around very intelligent/ passionate/ talented people; to be clear, they don’t have to be all three but they tend to be at least 2/3.

Finally getting to the shows I watch. The one that I follow most closely is Criminal Minds. I am fascinated by psychology, I think the characters have been well-developed, the storylines are good and entertaining in a way. It can be a little disturbing and sometimes sad to see what people do to others and why though.

My favorite character on the show is Dr. Spencer Reid. He is the youngest on the team, socially awkward mostly from having an eidetic memory that leads him to run off discourses, leaving people around him to have a confused look. In a scene, he was explaining how he deciphered a coded message using longhand because it was faster than running it through a computer; Prentiss touched his face and said something to the effect of, “he’s so life-like.”

I also enjoy watching CSI and CSI: NY. I do not enjoy CSI: Miami. NY is easy to keep up with because it shows right after Criminal Minds. CSI, I don’t follow as much anymore. I would think the CSIs are less nerdy shows; there is no one nerd on the show that I favor over the others. It’s more about the storylines and witty banter between the nerds. I do like Danny Messer’s character on NY. Very Italian, the actor’s name is Carmine Giovinazzo. I am also a fan of Gary Sinise in general.

I like watching the Law & Order franchise. It’s always been difficult for me to catch the original when it airs but will watch it in reruns at times and I was a fan of Jerry Orbach. I’ve watched SVU the most, due mostly to when it aired. The added layer of regularly consulting a psychiatrist [Dr. Skoda, Dr. Huang, etc.] interests me.

L&O: CI is my favorite of the three because of its nerds. Detective Bobby Goren, incredible; he’s very often suspected of being close to losing it. Vincent D’onofrio is one of my favorite actors as well; he must be brilliant. He is a very close second as my favorite TV nerd.

I sometimes watch Medium. I catch NCIS sometimes because my dad watches it, I think it’s okay. House is okay.

I guess I don’t watch a lot of sitcoms these days, but I used to watch Friends [I think I’ve seen every episode], I still like the early seasons of 7th Heaven, and for some strange reason I like the early seasons of One Tree Hill [mainly for the character of Brooke who’s feisty but also such a sweetheart]. The first season of Ugly Betty was mostly enjoyable but I can’t watch it anymore.

I don’t watch reality shows much. I like The Biggest Loser the most but have only watched two seasons; I think it has the best motivation. Sometimes I’ll get a tip, idea or recipe from the show. I somewhat like Amazing Race because they get to travel, but they don’t get to enjoy where they visit and the contestants can be very rude to the locals and each other. Out of curiosity I watched one season of The Bachelor and the subsequent season of The Bachelorette. It was the one where he doesn’t propose to either women, the best season I could’ve watched because I agree with his decision! And the B-ette was kinda good too ‘cuz it was neat that she chose probably the least likely guy. And I watched 1 ½ seasons of American Idol; I was in OR, my mom would talk about the two local girls on the show, I started watching just to know what mom was talking about.

I like catching PTI and Around the Horn when I can, Sportscenter here and there. I like watching sports. I used to watch a lot of Inside the Actors Studio; the work of actors and actresses intrigues me, to be someone else and listening to their behind-the-scenes stories.

For my inner nerd, I used to watch Josh Bernstein in Digging for the Truth. I sometimes watch random shows on the History channel, Animal Planet, Travel channel, National Geographic and Discovery. I especially enjoy shows about bridges. Yes, bridges.

Oh, Numbers. After the Criminal/CSI: NY combo, I kind of keep up to date with this show. Mathematicians. FBI agents. Astronomer. City planner. A triple agent. I love that it makes practical math applications interesting and more accessible. I could do without the “love” plots between Agent Epps and whatever female coworker, but it doesn’t ruin any of the other stuff I enjoy about the show.

And with Fist talking about it almost all the time, and my dad watching it, I’ve started watching Bones. I like it! The thing is that I can’t find a favorite nerd on the show, and I watch the reruns on TNT so I don’t know what episode fits in which season, but it’s a good show. Sweets would probably be my favorite nerd on the show for being the psychologist and quite the instigator between Booth and Brennan especially, but it’s difficult for me to get the image out of my head of him in the movie Waiting.

For a murder mystery show, I really enjoyed Harper’s Island, but it wasn’t meant to be a series. The ending was creepy and very strange, but for keeping up suspense and well-developed characters, it was good!

My brother has the DVDs and so I am watching Stargate, or what I call “MacGyver in Space”. Seasons 1 & 2 done, rather enjoyable so far.
This is a lot longer than I had expected. I don’t get to watch a lot of TV these days and I tend to watch MNF and UH VB games if anything. I do not have a TV in my room.

Main points:
>> 1] Criminal Minds 2] CSI: NY 3] Numbers 4] Bones 5] L&O: CI
>> NO Sex & the City, Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: Miami!!!
>> I love nerds. Favorite TV nerd: Dr. Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds [close 2nd Det. Goren, L&O: CI]
>> Bridges.
>> Sports.
>> I get my laughs mainly from movies.

What’s your favorite show? And you don’t have to write an essay to answer like I did.