Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Throw It! Just Let Go

A few weeks ago for small group, TX led us through a devotional and an exercise on surrendering to God. It was a cool experience to go through with trusted companions.

We took small group out to a rather secluded beach park. It turned out to be perfect for the activity.

After the Bible passage and reading, we reflected on areas or situations in our lives we needed to surrender to God. We picked out rocks to write a word or two representing the things we were surrendering, followed by a time of sharing.

I cannot reveal what others surrendered but I will say a few words, very few, of mine.

-Ministry hopes and frustrations, along with a changed friendship
-Success and failure
-Lost love

We prayed over these things. Then we stood up and threw the rocks into the water one by one, as far as we could. The final point is that we can’t go in the water and pick it back up again; it’s gone, given to God.

It doesn’t mean that situations won’t come up again, but this was a good marker activity to remind us that it’s with God. God has constantly put me in moments of letting go and I forget sometimes. So there it is, less for me, more for God!

Is there something you need to surrender to God?