Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Take A Hike!

This past Saturday, Level Up Ministry set out to hike Wa‘ahila Ridge.

My goal, towards the ministry, for the hike was for group bonding, physical exercise, and to invite friends, building relationships with them. My personal goal was to make it farther than I did last time I tried the hike with friends.

There was much group bonding and definite physical exercise by all! They had invited other non-LU friends but many of them were already going on hikes elsewhere. Out of about a dozen of my own non-LU friends… none showed up. One almost made it but wasn’t sure about how to get to the hike and messaged me late; I was disappointed but am very optimistic that he’ll come to another outing!

And…we went farther than we did the last time!

After rounding everyone up, Sonnie, Krystle, Adam, Matthew and I set out. It was a beautiful sunshined day. The trail was good and dry. It starts out with a long and steep incline- wet or dry, it’s a monster for me! Most of the way from there is either uphill or downhill, not a lot of smooth-going. There are also narrow spots.

A few areas, Krystle and I [being the short ones] were quite literally rock-climbing. I actually enjoy those parts! So it was a full-body workout. Krystle and I took many short rests, mainly after each incline.

Adam led most of the way. We kept going until an open grassy top where we all rested. The many moments of views for photo-ops were beautiful. Then we headed back.

We started out about 12:30, reached the open top about 2:30 and got back to the car about 3:30.

Beautiful day with great conditions, good views and good company. Everyone went and returned safely. They were all talking about it to other people the next day at church, saying that they had a good time. Except for not having any new people with us, I say it was a complete success!

Thank God for the whole wonderful activity!

I look forward to seeing you at the next one! :)