Monday, January 25, 2010

The Nerd Files

In continuation of what a geek I am…

I got into my friend’s car and she asked if I would like to take her Biology test. I said, “Sure!” with wide excited eyes and proceeded to take the test. She’s a teacher.

She had also tested out her PowerPoint lesson on genetics out on me.

So as I took the test, I was getting them right and she said that it’s because I paid attention to the lesson.

I talked about how I would take tests in high school. People thought I was a 4.0 student, brilliant, because I would finish tests quickly. Well, people also forgot that I don’t do homework, which kinda ruins the gpa.

Then my teacher friend said something about those who finish tests quickly are either the bright students or the very not-so-much students, in her experience.

I looked at her patiently but not fishing.

She continued with saying that I was probably one of the bright students, seeing as how I would pull out As and Bs on tests. :)

Then I talked about how I enjoyed taking tests. I just had the thought that I get a little jolt from it close to how I imagine a gambler does from gambling. It’s like I’m betting that I will pass the test but will I? Will I get an A or an A- or possibly a B? How high of a grade can I get from not doing homework and minimal studying? How much do I really know about this subject? When I’m done with the test, I’m rather calm. Until I get the grade back and I’m thinking, if I didn’t score 100%, I bet I could get 100% if I took it again.

I wonder what that says about me… Maybe it’s best not to ask.

On the other hand, homework was just boring to me. It's like trying to get brownie points or performing a trick to get a treat.

What do you think?