Friday, January 8, 2010

He’s Just Not That into You

The movie He’s Just Not That into You was better than I expected. I enjoyed it. It’s an ensemble cast with several stories that smoothly intertwine. The main line is that Gigi is enthusiastically, optimistically looking for love. She meets a bartender Alex who gives her advice regarding guys she’s dating, each one Alex saying is not that into Gigi and for her to run.

I think guys would find it an interesting movie as well. The stories touch on both the male and the female sides. The characters are:
>Gigi, actively looking for “The One”
>Conor, stuck in the friend position but wanting more with a female friend
>Anna, stuck between choosing commitment without passion and passion without commitment
>Ben, has a difficult time telling his wife the truth
>Alex, the bartender
>Neil, committed to his girlfriend but doesn’t believe in marriage
>Beth, wants to get married
>Janine, very orderly and neat
>Mary, actively looking for “The One” but through online/tech tools

A few “words of wisdom” in the movie are:
>if a guy is into you, he will make it happen. He’ll ask you out, he’ll find you [as in if he’s actually lost your #], he’ll make it happen.
>he is not into you if he gives you his #.
>he is not into you if he says he’s going out of town and will be out of touch for a bit.

I was trolling Xanga blogs and read a guy’s review of the movie and the book [I haven’t read the book]. According to his review and a lot of the comments people left, people think the movie was made to show guys to be dogs. I think they’re missing that some of the women don’t come off too great either. I think they’re missing the overall message.

Overall I believe the message is that each love story is unique. A side-note might be that if one’s looking for love, keep an eye out for one’s exception [to the rule].