Monday, January 11, 2010

An Expanding Presence

Not about my size, but it could be! Nevermind…

I was at the beach with friends. I think we were talking about superpowers and I mentioned that I’d like to be fluent in all languages or something, then Chemist turned her head and blurted out, “Squirrel!” ala the dog in the movie “Up” [because the dog wore a box that translated his thoughts into words or something]. We all laughed, then I said that I didn’t see the movie but I know about that scene.

Chemist and Mouse began to protest, saying I was with them when they saw it. I haven’t seen the movie. Ginger said she hasn’t seen it either.

Mouse said that I went with them when the WAMM [or was it Summer Fun?] group went. That was when Chemist saw it. I remember being invited but for some reason I couldn’t go. Even Chemist is still insisting I saw it with them.

Then Mouse said wait, she didn’t see it with WAMM either! Yet still saying that I was with her when she saw it.

And Ginger says, “Wait, I went with WAMM!”

No, I have not seen the movie up to this time, of this I am sure. Though it’s a good sign that my friends forge my presence!