Monday, January 11, 2010

20/10 Vision

Maybe the title’s a little misleading because I don’t make resolutions by the year, I don’t wait until January 1st. Well, there was one time that I prepared myself for a significant life-change on a January 1st because I wanted to be able to remember it [I have difficulty remembering in general] and that change has stuck. I evaluate as needed, so some of these things might change or develop quicker than a year. Anyways, here I go…

I would like to get to 130 pounds by the end of the year; that’s roughly -2 a month. Since the end of finals, I’ve started to exercise at home. I have to be exercising regularly while school/ work/ ministry/ life is going on so it’s not so much about the weight but the mindset of “no matter what.” It’s also about wanting to feel stronger. I love feeling strong; it’s been a while.

I’ve already started to eat more veggies and fruit. After a couple months without soda, having broken the felt dependency upon it, I allow myself to have one here and there, and I’ve noticed that soda tastes different now; I don’t enjoy it so much. I’m starting the next phase of switching from juice to more water. So I’m taking things step by step.

I would not like to watch any more movies in the theaters, at least for the moment. I enjoy watching movies, just not at theaters. I’m all theater’d out. Well, I might get out for “Alice in Wonderland.”

Spiritually, I’m learning more and more to constantly let go.

I am going to expand my friend circle.

I am going to make the most of opportunities to bring glory to God. God has recently surprised me with opportunities to build a relationship with two people. I’ve taken the first steps to get that going and we’ll see what happens but I’m excited!

I think that is all at the moment.

Are you making any changes? Do you have any goals for 2010? What are they?


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