Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Small Group Adventures!

Here are more photos and descriptions of our Women's Small Group activities. If you have a small group, hopefully this can give you some ideas on things your group can do.

In getting started at first, trying to get organized, we went with a default of meeting at Salt Lake SC. This is because the SC is near our central location and has a selection of places we enjoy; mostly we frequent ColdStone, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and we've tried out the saimin shop there which is pretty good. Hmmm, we haven't done Soon's yet, must remedy this.

Ginger's schedule opened up and offered to host small group. Fist had a humongous nail polish collection and wanted help with making use of it, so we held a nail polish party at Ginger's. This was our first real theme night.

About 15 of the colors came from Ginger and me. Fist brought the rest!

The next theme night was Punch and Makeup. Fist hosted and made an alcohol-free Cosmopolitan Punch, with fresh garnishes of blueberries, cranberries and orange zest. It was delicious! She had been wanting to make it for the group so tried it out on us. Halloween and our church's Harvest Celebration were coming up so we planned out more costume details and that included how we would do our makeup. Most of the products were from my collection this time.

Fist had to find snails for the saltwater tank in her classroom so we moved small group to the beach and went snail-hunting to help her out. It was fun! Bubbles found a cool decorator crab that had anemones on its shell. This mother and her sons passed by and got curious so we showed them some of our finds. I think she said they were visiting. The boys got a little jealous that we were "playing!"

And here we are, rinsing off our feet! They wanted this photo. No, we are not doing a rain dance!

Texas offered to host SG and we finally went over. This photo is of the cake she made: delicious! Orange is her favorite color and the spoon/fork thing she had looked cool!

Texas' sister and friend were visiting so we planned for a karaoke outing for them, but they ended up not being able to make it. :( We had a good time anyway. We didn't have devotional time and opened up the event to our male friends. Mahalo to Bubbles for organizing karaoke! Mahalo to our friends who came out and also for providing refreshments! Fist made more punch but without the garnishes this time.

Next we went to dinner at Nordstrom Cafe. The food was sooooo ONO! Bubbles treated us to creme brulee: OH WOW. It was good too. We had some extra time, waiting for Bubble's ride so we went over to Fist's and played with some clay!

Starting a small group is not as difficult as I thought it might be. Of course, it helped that I was just organizing something that someone else wanted me to, and starting out with people I knew helped.

I think I shall put some small group pointers from my experiences on another entry.

Mahalo for reading!