Monday, December 7, 2009

Closet to Blessings Exchange

Since September, I’ve been leading a small group with the young adult women. I still feel a little odd about it because I’ve never really been in a small group before and now I’m guiding one. Generally what we do is pray, read a verse or passage from the Bible, I lead a devotional and discussion time, and close in prayer. Then we have a bonding activity, for which we all have contributed on ideas. When the group grows to where it’s no longer “small,” one of them could easily take over my responsibilities and I could lead another group. God is amazing.

Next Sunday, the church is having a Ho‘omaika‘i [blessings] Picnic. One of the activities for the picnic is a Blessings Exchange. People bring their new and lightly used items like clothing, linens, and household things. People are free to come and pick out what they want and whatever is leftover gets donated.

In preparation for the Blessings Exchange, our small group had a Closet to Blessings Exchange this past week, after our devotional time. One of us had an idea a while ago to have us clean out our closets of things we’re willing to let go of, bring them to small group, and we could exchange clothing. It’s a fun and easy way to change up one’s wardrobe without spending money. With the Blessings Exchange coming up, I thought it would be good to have our closet exchange and then whatever isn’t picked up gets donated to the Blessings Exchange.

Our Closet to Blessings Exchange was a success! We laid several layers of clothing out on a couch and then covered the table with accessories. It was fun looking at what each other brought, trying things on in serious and ridiculous ways!

A few items were picked out and taken home. I was a little concerned that ALL of us in this group are of very different shapes and sizes. No two of us could easily exchange clothes with each other. We have the tall, the short, the slender, the curvy, the slender and curvy, etc. We have different style tendencies. Despite the differences in body shape and preferences, two of us came out with stuff. Generally, Fist took some of my clothes and I took some of Bubbles clothes. I think Bubbles took some accessories. We gotta find someone for Bubbles to take clothes from…. That sounds weird without context.

Anyways, we came out with two bagfuls of clothes that will be dropped off for the Blessings Exchange. I still have t-shirts at home to give away, but Mom wants to look through them. Texas was with us and others couldn't make it. Hopefully, more of us can make it next time!

Have your own exchange, whether it be clothes, teabags, books, random keys, etc!

Anyways, photos below!

Um, below, I'm wearing 4 layers of tops, two necklaces and two hair scrunchies. I didn't take the accessories and one top was already mine.