Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Birth Order Contemplations

I came across this at a store:

I am considering getting that as a present to someone, most likely my brother. I don't know that he needs another silly book, but I am sure he would appreciate the humor. Only, it is quite expensive to be a gag gift, even for my brother.

A friend recently said that I seem like an only child. It could be that my friends don't get to see my brother and I interact much, but my friend said that I just don't behave like a typical youngest child.

When my brother and I are together, I totally feel like the younger sister. I had a difficult time living with him if only because as we grew older, he began to act as if he were my parent; dealing with two parents was enough!

But otherwise, we didn't really have huge arguments and such. He looked after me, protected me, tries to be very thoughtful when getting me a gift. He's a good older brother.

Sometimes, I feel like I was meant to be a middle child. Mom says that no one came after I was born, so I am a youngest child. The middle child feelings are coming out more as Mom got a dog. Does that sound sad or what? Dad and Bro are a little more like friends; Mom's attention is on the dog. And I'm left with...myself...and my cats...

I'm not complaining, it's just an odd feeling. I sense that I relate more like a middle child.

Where are you in the birth order? Do you think your position on the birth order has any influence on who you are?