Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Than a Bus Driver

I haven’t been riding the bus so much lately and kind of miss it.

I took the bus last Thursday, the 5th. I caught the A (Bus #84) from LCC around 12:40 pm towards UH. At one of the stops, the driver immediately got out of his seat to help an elderly man with a cane on to the bus. The elderly man has probably had a stroke because his left hand was stuck in a soft fist. His movements were shaky and very small.

I mention all this because of the way the driver responded. It has been a while since I’ve seen a driver be so gentle, patient and kind to one who needed care. I wish I could better describe what I saw. Something in the driver’s demeanor made me think that this was more than a job for him to drive people around on a bus.

I’ve seen wheelchair passengers get on and drivers get up to lock the chair in and such. This was different.

When we got to the elderly man’s stop, the driver got up quickly to gently help the man rise to his feet. The driver made sure the man was okay.

So driver of Bus #84 Route A, GOOD WORK!

Whatever job I have in the future, temporary or career-wise, I hope to display a servant-spirit like the driver did. I don't even know if the driver's a Christian, but it's how a Christian should respond to people. I hope to minister to people, not work a job. I hope to be God’s representative in the workplace. May this entry be a reminder.