Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shuffle This

I’ve been reluctant to buying music online. I just like having the CD with the jacket and all of that; I’m still a hardcopy kind of girl.

But recently I went on a music spree on iTunes. I’ve discovered that another reason to go for CD’s is that I won’t go crazy with buying music! On iTunes, I went a little wild, just a little. So here are some things I got and some comments on them. In no particular order:

Whoa- Aly & A.J. : I’ve heard of them, but still don’t know much about this group. I really like this song. It’s got great energy and sometimes this is how I feel.

Love Drunk; Two Is Better Than One (feat. Taylor Swift)- Boys Like Girls: Like and like. The first one is energetic, the second is softer. The give and take between BLG and Taylor was done very well, in my opinion.

I’m Letting Go- Francesca Battistelli : Okay, this one is on the radio A LOT, but I like the message and how it goes with the feel of the music.

Turnin’ Me On; Energy; Knock You Down- Keri Hilson: Like, like and like. I kept watching the video for the third on YouTube so I finally decided to get the song. I previewed some of her other songs, looked up the video for “Energy” and liked the song. The first one was because I thought I’d like the energy of it from listening to the clip. [Are you starting to see that I frequently go for the energy of a song?]

Sexy Love; Because of You- Ne-Yo: I’m starting to like his voice. I also like the different sounds put together for the background to the melody.

Untouched; This Love- The Veronicas: I remembered Apple mentioning this group once and so I finally looked them up. Both of these songs I got in the live version. Like and like.

Insomnia- Craig David: I’ve always liked his voice. I was intrigued by the song title because I don’t sleep very well! I like the song but it has gotten stuck in my head as I lie down to sleep, so that’s a little unfortunate!

Come Back to Me- David Cook: I hafta admit, I watched him on American Idol and he was among my favorites. I love this song! Music-wise and lyric-wise, it’s good. The personal note is that I relate to the words very well, as both the person that went away and as the person waiting for someone to come back.

Fading; Fight Like This- Decyfer Down: I heard them on the radio and I like their hard rock sound. I’m really a rock-n-roll girl.

Business Time; Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros- Flight of the Conchords: Um, do I really hafta explain this to you? If you’ve never heard of this… um… group, look them up on YouTube. They’re ridiculously funny! At least, I enjoy them. If you ever wondered why they’re called “business socks,” the Conchords explain it in the first song.

Take Me As I Am- FM Static: Good! I think this is where I am currently in my spiritual walk. I love the music too.

Better In Time- Leona Lewis: Recommended by Apple, another good one. My opinion is still that she should have enunciated the chorus better. And I cannot stand “Bleeding Love” so I really hafta forget that she sings that song too when I listen to this one.

You Belong With Me; I’m Only Me When I’m With You; Love Story- Taylor Swift: I didn’t get into Taylor until very recently (look up “Thug Story” on YouTube- thanks Fist!). Another interesting thing is that I heard her songs A LOT because of my guy friends! Yup. My favorite so far is the second song.
I also got some songs that have been around or are on the radio a lot. No Air- Jordin Sparks; This Time- John Legend; By Your Side- Tenth Avenue North; The Last Night; Whispers in the Dark- Skillet. All good songs. I also got a couple Jesse McCartney songs, “She’s No You” and “Body Language.”

"Can’t Find the Words" by Karina I got because I heard it on YouTube, it’s nothing very original, but I like the simplicity of it, the easy feel of it. I got the entire Matthew West album, “Something to Say.” I’m hoping to get around to writing a whole review for it. I also got "Broken" by Seether; it features Amy Lee from Evanescence and I like how their voices go together for this song.

A real find has been “Smile” by Uncle Kracker. I love this song, go listen to it!

I’ve been watching Michelle Phan videos on YouTube; she’s more for makeup and style but she uses great music for her background. It’s music I’ve never heard before and I’ve been looking for new music. So for this past music spree, on recommendation from Phan videos, I got:

You Can Be the One; Empty Streets- Late Night Alumni
Come To Life; Breathing Underwater- Marie Digby
Enchanted Life- Samantha James

"Breathing Underwater" is my favorite of these; I wonder if it has to do with Swim-sleeping?
A few more that I got on a previous music spree that I really like: Somos Novios- Andrea Bocelli; Uh-huh- Munchausen By Proxy; Who I Am- Stroke 9.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Let me know if there’s any song or artist that you think I should look up or that I might enjoy! I love music!

Mahalo for reading.