Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I sense that I’m in the calm before the storm. I’m not talking about what people probably think I’m talking about. I’m on the edge of something that I believe can be simply wonderful but realistically, could also be… troublesome. I wish I could tell someone but there’s not really anyone to tell or… I don’t know!

It has to do with Pegasus. I kinda mentioned that before and people are gonna say huh? I would’ve used the word “unicorn” instead but there’s this whole internet thing about a certain unicorn.

So. Pegasus. The winged horse of Greek mythology. I like the idea of Pegasus, maybe it fits better than unicorn anyway. My mind turns to Clash of the Titans, an old movie starring Harry Hamlin as Perseus. Perseus frees Pegasus from a chain; later, Pegasus assists Perseus in saving Andromeda from the sea monster Cetus. That’s in the movie, I think. In mythology, when Perseus cuts off Medusa’s head, Pegasus springs forth from her neck. Poseidon is credited as the sire of Pegasus. Wow, that brings up a whole host of tangents!

Anyways, I cannot name my Pegasus, yet, but hopefully in the future. It’s quite a test of patience not to say anything at the moment. I’m trying to keep level-headed about it all. I kinda like the name “Andromeda” –tangent.

Well, I know, I’m still not making any sense. I’m excited. I just wanted to have something documented and hopefully I can come back to this someday.

Mahalo for reading.