Friday, October 16, 2009

The Most Powerful Word

Awhile ago, I wrote an entry about how I finished my first Bible read-through. The point is that God guided me through it in order for me to know more about Him; I didn’t do it alone.

The outcome of having read God’s word is… practically indescribable. I have a definite sense that I’ve gotten closer in my relationship with Him, like never before. I have a greater (not perfect) understanding of who God is, particularly of His love and His power. I still have moments when I have to remind myself, or have God remind me, that He is the greatest, but I get it more than I used to. I used to feel… gone and hopeless and unsure. Now, none of that matters when my focus is on Him.

Seeing those people who carry their Bible around, I never knew what to think of that. I don’t think I understood it. I never would have thought I’d be that kind of person. But having read the Bible, all of it, I need it with me. I don’t understand it all. I don’t ALWAYS have it with me, but I have a difficult time leaving it at home. I see so much in it now.

I’m trying my second read-through. I’m still not perfectly consistent with reading it.

God is all-powerful, most powerful. The devil is not all-powerful, but neither is he a fool. It’s definitely the trick of the devil to get us to not read the Bible. But I’m so glad that God allowed…empowered me to read it. Reading the whole Bible helps me to see the whole picture.

It’s also a lot more responsibility. I cannot say anymore that I think I read this or that. Now it is, I MUST HAVE read it. Now I must read it again, get more into it, get more out of it, start applying it to my life more.

All I hear people pointing out in the book of Job is that he lost everything but had amazing faith and then God gave him double. What I read in Job is how God knows everything, even our hearts. I see how God delights in us and champions us even when we don’t deserve it, even when the accuser doesn’t deserve an answer.

Hmm…I don’t know what else to say about this right now. All I can say is that reading the Bible is worth a whole lot more than I can adequately explain.

This isn’t the Bible, but mahalo for reading.

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