Monday, October 26, 2009

Life Without: Carbonation

I want to start eliminating unnecessary things from my life, from whatever area of life needs a weeding out.

To begin with…saying goodbye to dependence on SODA.

Starting with this past hot, hot, hot summer, I got up to drinking about a 32 oz. of soda almost every day.

For about the last month and a half or so, I’ve cut that back to about 16 oz. altogether!

It wasn’t very difficult to do either. I had to be committed to ordering juice or water instead of Coca-Cola or Sprite. I told my parents and a few friends who’ve been supporting this move.

I need to account for the 16 oz. Fist made a punch, a virgin cosmopolitan, for the ladies that was SO delicious! I had 2 glasses of it which she said amounted to about 2 oz. each. She had asked me if adding the soda was okay while she was preparing it and I figured, it is part of the drink.

Then last week I watched over my brother’s place. I went very late at night, after the nearby Coffee Bean was closed. In his fridge was beer, Coke and 3 cans of juice. I didn’t want beer, I didn’t want to drink up his juice, so I settled on a can of Coke. I didn’t enjoy it though. I noticed that having not had soda for awhile, I had cut my enjoyment for the taste of soda- a good sign! I hiccupped a bit. I didn’t want to finish the can and thought about pouring the rest out, except that it would have been a waste. So I finished it.

It seems like a small thing, but it is SOMETHING. It’s been good.

The next step in this particular elimination is to transfer a liking to juice to more of a dependence on water!

What are you willing to eliminate from your life?