Thursday, October 15, 2009

Become a Lush…

…er, a Lush insider, that is. A Lush insider is someone who frequents the company and uses Lush products.

The first time I’d ever heard of Lush was about a month or two ago when a friend wanted to get some stuff from their store. At first, I was overwhelmed by the strong scents in the store coming from the products, as with any store of that type. I braved it a little just to look around. A few weeks later I noticed some videos on YouTube about Lush products. Apparently it’s a big deal on the mainland.

Last week, another friend and I checked out Lush for ourselves. We both made some purchases. I got 2 shampoo bars, a bubble bar, a soap block and a massage bar. I’ve already tried everything but the bubble bar.

The handmade soap comes as a block that are cut down to smaller blocks and sold by the pound (they can cut off a block to how much the customer is willing to spend). I cut a slice off of the soap block that I brought home of Sexy Peel (lemon, lime and grapefruit). It smells great, rinses off clean and still leaves adequate moisture to my skin (which tends to be dry).

The shampoo bars are, yes, solid shampoo but they lather great! They take a few swipes with water on my hair. They also rinse clean and are not drying. The two that I got was the Godiva, scented with jasmine, hibiscus and gardenia, and the Hybrid which is charcoal and licorice. Okay, charcoal and licorice doesn’t sound like they would smell good together or individually, but the shampoo doesn’t leave a heavy scent after use and it’s quite a good pairing of scents.

I love citrus scents, but sometimes I like a fruity stuff. I got the Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar. The website says it has strawberry and hibiscus. It smells like spiced strawberry…and good! It smoothed across my skin. It warmed nicely as I massaged it into my legs.

The company claims to be environmentally conscious. I would suggest checking that out for yourself if it’s something important to you too though I will say that there is not a lot of packaging and their products do seem to be made to last a long time.

Anyways, I don’t know if I would say that I’m a Lush insider just yet, but I am satisfied with their stuff at the moment and there are a few more things I'd like to try in the future. If you can get past the first wave of overwhelming scents at the store, and especially if you need a really relaxing treat, check out Lush. Or check out their website; I just like being able to smell things for myself.

Mahalo for reading!