Saturday, September 5, 2009

I love food!

I love telling the story of how Mom was concerned that I might be anorexic because it’s a funny thought. Eating disorders aren’t funny at all but if you looked at me you can tell that I love food! Here’s a list of foods/ meals that I really enjoy, roughly in some kind of preferential order:

1] Guava cake [Liliha or Delite Bakery]
2] Corned beef cabbage
3] Wonton min with vegetables [Waimalu Chop Suey]
4] Corned beef patties
5] Honeyed ginger salmon or miso salmon
6] Ice Blended Pure Chocolate [Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf]
7] Stroganoff
8] Oranges
9] Meat Jun and fried chicken [Soons’]
10] Healthier fried chicken
11] Roasts
12] Edamame
13] Strawberry Blonde [Coldstone]
14] S&S Saimin with vegetables and/or gyoza
15] Garlic Cheese Balls [Da Big Kahuna’s]
16] Spinach and mushroom salad
17] Filet Mignon and bleu [Cattle Company]
18] Graham crackers with chunky peanut butter
19] Acai pomegranate granola [Umeke Market]
20] Grilled swiss cheese sandwich

Guava cake, oh, yum! I have plans for someday to save up money and have a slice of guava cake for every day of one month. I have memories of early birthdays having guava cake and I loved it. It made me look forward to my birthday every year. I thought it was just special because I’d go to others’ birthday parties and they’d have the usual chocolate or vanilla cakes but my cakes were guava!

I love eating corned beef cabbage mainly for the cabbage. I even like eating the thick rib parts that tend to be on the bitter side, but I think it’s perfect when steamed with the rest of the cabbage. I’d probably eat just steamed cabbage alone but I do enjoy a little meat and corned beef is the right flavor with the cabbage.

I wrote a review of Waimalu Chop Suey; wonton min is what I order the most from there. I like the hot mustard shoyu mix that they give with it; I pour lots of the mix on top of everything in the min.

Corned beef patties, I love it. Salmon, I love it. I got salmon recipes from magazines and Mrs. Matsuda. I go to Coffee Bean A LOT and plan to write a review later so I’ll move on. Stroganoff, my family uses hamburger for it. Whenever I cook for friends, I would cook hamburger stroganoff and they’ve loved it. Years after I cooked for him, Oreo remembered that it was stroganoff. Oranges, I love citrus things; I not only love eating oranges, but I also tend towards citrus-scented items like soaps/washes, etc. I love eating oranges on hot days; it’s so refreshing!

I grew up in Salt Lake; even after we moved, I still attended schools in Salt Lake. I still get meat jun and fried chicken from Soons’ at least once every other month, sometimes more. To me, their food isn’t as oily as from other places and I like the…texture of their meat jun.

Healthier fried chicken is from a recipe from a magazine that I actually tested out. I changed up the recipe just slightly to use what I already had rather than what was specified, but it’s still a healthier recipe than other regular ones.

Roast beef with vegetables-good! I mostly eat the vegetables; Mom puts in carrots, onions and potatoes. I eat a lot of edamame; our freezer is always stocked with packages of edamame [fresh edamame has been rather pricey lately]. If I’m too lazy to cook something or I’m not sure how hungry I am, I’ll boil a bag of edamame.

Coldstone’s Strawberry Blonde is my favorite there [sometimes I’ll get just the sorbet]. I like strawberries, I like caramel, I like graham cracker crumbs…and the SB’s got it all! The next one, S&S Saimin, especially with the gyoza and vegetables, is like making my own wonton min. S&S uses the best soup flavor mix in my opinion, but I only use a quarter of the mix that they provide with the saimin. They also have one of the best noodles too.

My friend Cat intro’d me to the garlic cheese balls from Big Kahuna’s. Their bread is soft, the cheese mix is delicious, and I think they use fresh garlic (by my taste buds). Spinach mushroom salad is something I got from watching some sort of fitness show; I can’t remember what show it was. It’s a simple enough recipe that I remembered later and tried it.

I think I could make the filet mignon and bleu myself, I just gotta try one of these days. I’ve only had it once at Stuart Anderson’s but it was ono! Graham crackers and chunky pb is something I used to eat when I was on my own in Oregon. It’s quick and easy yet filling. #19, I love this granola mix from Umeke, but I don’t think they have it all the time. The granola does stop me from eating other unhealthier choices between meals. I make grilled cheese sandwiches using Swiss; it takes longer to melt but I prefer the taste of the Swiss to American, something I picked up from WU.

And now, I’m thinking how could I forget AHI POKE?! Yum yum yum! Especially limu poke, wasabi poke is good also. Oh, and sushi and stuff, I love hamachi, spicy ahi, dragon roll, I love tempura stuff…. Oh, and I ate at Olive Tree Café, here’s a review of the shaorma. As I said, I love food!
What are your favorite foods? Let me know if you try anything I mentioned! [I planned for a few photos in this entry but blogger's not uploading well. Maybe later.]

Mahalo for reading and eat well!