Saturday, August 8, 2009

She’s Shy

A couple friends and I went into Waikiki last night. The only things on the agenda were to visit the Tabora Gallery and Island Vintage Coffee.

Visiting the Tabora Gallery was for me. Years ago I had gotten a mini-print of Roy Tabora’s work “Napali Mist.” I looked up other works of his. I generally like his work. Something about crashing waves [often a subject in his work], especially of stormy waters, connects with me.

Then couple years ago I went to Waikiki to take photos. Walking around I found the Tabora Gallery at the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach Hotel. I didn’t know he had a gallery. The art associate there started talking to me. He said that Tabora comes to the gallery on Friday nights to work on a piece and talk with people. So I’ve been wanting to watch Tabora work, but never got to it; I didn’t know if anyone would want to go with me and I wasn’t going into Waikiki by myself at night.

So last night we got into Waikiki later than planned. By the time we got to the gallery, Tabora was still there, talking to visitors, but had finished working on the piece for the night. He seems to be a very lively and friendly person. I dunno what it was, maybe that he was talking to visitors to Hawai‘i and I live here, or just plain shyness on my part, but I didn’t get myself up to saying “Hi.” I feel like such a dork, I dunno what to say to an artist!

Well, maybe I’ll brave it next time. And I didn’t see the art associate I had talked to before.

Island Vintage was for Chemist. They make this drink, Tropical Sensation which is a berry tea. I had one, it was good! They put real strawberry and lots of blueberries in the drink too.

A lot of street attraction things were going on. Shops were starting to close but we went to a small shop past Lewers that’s kind of interesting, went to Midoriya, saw some interesting things at 88 tees, and Coldstone!

I had fun! Good times with friends, who can complain?

Is there an artist or artwork that you enjoy?

Mahalo for reading.

[We also visited the public restrooms at the Marriot. Nice restrooms.]