Monday, August 10, 2009

Moments in Church

Mom’s been volunteering at the church office. People come up to her saying good things about me, specifically about what I'm doing in the church. Momma’s so proud when she hears those compliments. I think she was a little sad when I stopped going to choir because people were glad to see a “young” person in choir and would tell her so.

Anyways, anything good that I do with church is all to the prompting of God.

One of the youth, Romina, sings in the worship team with her mother. I like seeing that. This past Sunday, another youth, Royce, sang in the worship team along with his mother. I never knew Royce had any inclination to sing but I’m so glad to see him up there.

I sat in a little with the 7-9th class. They played Bible hangman – that sounds so wrong! ;) But it was wonderful watching them all participate and excited to learn something. They parlayed it into introducing them to using the concordance.

I do still love the youth at KUC and hope to continue helping. It is such an encouragement to see active youth in the church.

Also this past Sunday, we were blessed with two performances by Colleen Nomura and her Moments Unforgettable dance team.

...after which we were blessed again with a message from Kendal. It came down to asking "Do you believe that God has set you apart for something great?" Someone told me after that the message was very applicable to what's in the next section...

Be careful what you pray for, but take a risk! God is faithful! God is a provider!

So I had prayed “God, use me.” Oh. He is. I’ve gotten myself and a couple friends into trying to put a young adults ministry together, hopefully with KUC. We kept the idea under wraps for a while but once we submitted a proposal, the word SPREAD!

People stopping us to say they’re praying for us. People wanting to meet with us, to hear our hearts and to encourage us. We still have so much to do but the support coming in that we didn’t even seek out is so great!

This was also a door to officially meeting The Ada Lum. She heard about the proposal and told Mom that she wanted to meet me. After service, Mom urged me over and I met Ada Lum. She has a strong handshake! She's a great woman of prayer who told me that she is praying for us. Wonderful!

Thank God for sending these people our way as we are not exactly sure what to do, but that they are encouraging us in this direction. It would seem from all this support that we are moving with God's will. It is scary, but yes, very exciting!

All glory to God! Please continue praying for me, praying for the youth at KUC, praying for the young adults ministry. Any other praises going on?

Mahalo for reading.