Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It Was a Bright and Exciting Night

I guess it’s not secret, Joel and Shelly are with me on the young adult ministry (YA). We got together yesterday to prepare for the elders’ meeting later that night.

In the meeting, Joel presented for us. I was preparing in my mind to answer any questions that might come up. Joel asked if there were any questions… and praises started rolling in!

Things said by the elders and pastors included: “exciting,” “[the proposal was] coherent and lucid,” “[we are] blessed by this!”

Then all the leaders laid hands and prayed for us. That was something; I’d never had someone pray over me like that in a group. I’ve seen and participated in laid hands prayer, but never been the subject of one before last night. Pretty cool!

I was disappointed that no real questions for us came up. I am glad that a decision was made; the YA ministry has a home with Kalihi Union Church! It's official!

Now we can continue planning, and planning in accordance to this component we were hoping for but not necessarily dependent on. And OH there has been and is a lot of planning going on!

Please remember us in your prayers. If you’re around, please join us, in support, in the work, anything!

And praise God for blessing us with this opportunity, this challenge to lead.

Mahalo for reading!