Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anger Management

The anger I had written about recently…has calmed some as I’ve gotten some other perspective. It’s difficult to sort out when I feel a lot of the blame. I still have an issue I need to resolve and I hope it goes well. Pray that it goes well. Pray that I speak out of love and not anger.

I was going to take a step away from a certain situation. I can’t say much more. For months there had been no development in this area, absolutely none. The same night I was deciding, a small development happened. I’m back to…not knowing what to do.

I stand on the edge of a blade, not knowing on which side to step. Pray that I make the…step that is in God’s will. Pray that I move at all.

I'm tired of feeling alone, yet I need to be careful. *sigh*

Mahalo for reading and praying.