Saturday, June 13, 2009

[IMPACT] Summer Games 2009: Battle of the Bands!!

The [IMPACT] Summer Games has begun! This past Thursday (June 11) kicked the season off with a Battle of the Bands, along with a little preview of the weeks to come. David Tamaoka of FCF emceed the night, Kendal Fong hosted the previews and a very satisfying dinner was provided courtesy of Christ’s Church at Aiea (Craig Terada).

A group representing Kalihi Union Church, the Awesomeness (directed by lead singer Rachel) fired the first shot in front of the judges from JV League (Amanda, John and Stephanie). The Awesomeness sang an original song giving praise to God and finished with the ukulele styling of Chris and Adam. Christ’s Church at Aiea provided a mix of genres, beginning with a soft praise song, a prayer for the transition and ending with an energized rap.

A brother team of Scott and Dan [FCF] performed on the ukulele and drums. Mililani Community Church came out with an all-girl band singing a medley of songs including “Go Tell It on the Mountain” and “The Hand That Holds the World.” The stage was dominated by the females again as another group from FCF sang Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending.”

In between band sets, Kendal ran mini versions of the big games that are scheduled for the rest of the summer. Video Game night was represented by Rockband on PSP, followed by a dash-and-grab game as a well-lit rendition of Mission Impossible night, and a volleyball/broom hockey combo as…volleyball/broom hockey night (though the actual event will not be a combo challenge, as far as I know). The preview challenge for Messy Games night was to stick gummi bears on the partner’s face, so there’s something to look forward to! A tentative basketball night is also on the summer schedule.

JV League closed the music portion of the night with a worship set: Forever, Take It All, Inside Out and One Way. I can’t describe the good feeling that comes from seeing a crowd of young people singing to the Lord with all of their heart. Keep it coming!

The night was capped off with a message from James Kwong [FCF]. He talked to the students about the 3-story gospel. The first story is God’s story, telling of how God created us and loves us, sending his son to save us in our sin. The second story, my story. Well, not me specifically, but the story of the person sharing the gospel, of how “my” story intersected with God’s story. The last story is the story of the person in the audience, the one hearing about the gospel.

To illustrate how God moves in our lives, James told the story of his friend in CA, of how she came to her relationship with Christ, and then of how God spoke to her and used her in her friend’s story. If you’re a Christian, pray over your non-Christian friends while trusting in the fact that God is already moving in your friends’ lives. God may call you to act in your friend’s life on his behalf; when that happens, trust him and obey. The [IMPACT] summer games are a good opportunity to invite your friends to have some fun and hear the gospel.

If you’re not a Christian yet, God might be moving in your life right now. It may just be that God sent your friend to invite you out to an [IMPACT] night. If you think God may be talking to you on one of these nights, we invite you to talk to one of the staff about questions you may have or to take the step and begin your personal relationship with Christ.

Were you there at the Battle of the Bands? If not, that’s okay. More games are in the works with the next one being Volleyball/ Broom Hockey night. Make a note of the special night, time and location: Saturday, June 20th from 2:00 to 5:00 pm out in Mililani (Kaomaaiku Neighborhood Park). For more information, see the youth leader at your church or email or check out the Facebook site at [IMPACT] on Facebook. Bring your friends, there’s always room for more!

Interested in practicing your writing skills?!! Please come and see me, Jenn the (current) [IMPACT] historian. Chances are I’m the one at the event taking crazy photos, or email me at or contact me here by leaving a comment. It would be great to have other perspectives on any of the events, from students to youth leaders, from a few paragraphs to a long piece!

[And a big “HELLO” to JB and Tina from my Chosen Camp team! I should have more energy for socializing next time but I didn’t forget you! Good to have seen you! Okay, I’ll finish this up now.]

MAHALO to all who helped with setup, running the event and clean up:
[KUC] Joel, Brandon, Adam, Chris S., Scott K.
[Crosscurrent] Tad, Byron
[HBA] Shane
[FCF] Aya, David and Steph, John, Amanda, Jeff
[CCAA] Craig, Wayne
[CCAK] Melissa
[MCC] Steve, Justin, JB
[LCC] Kendall
JV League
Chaz, Kevin Siu
All the youth leaders
All the participants in the Battle of the Bands
All the names I missed mentioning

And Kendal, James and Lisa for [IMPACT] Ministries!