Saturday, May 30, 2009

May I Be Excused?

Wow. So I haven’t posted a thing since April and tomorrow is the last day of May already. Here goes the token May post. I apologize.

I’m just gonna ramble this one. I’m too tired to think up and use nicknames, but I don’t think it should be a problem this time.

I survived another semester of thesis. I have a new advisor and so far things are moving more than they were before; that is a relief. December is looking like a doable deadline.

Jared and Bert came down for R&R. Group dynamics changed. I’d rather not say much more than that. By extension through Krystle, I got to spend some time with Bert and get to know him a little bit more.

Rachel, Shelly and I had an impromptu girls’ night. It was fun. We looked in the M.A.C. store, it was kinda busy, so we spent some time in Sephora. Each of us actually bought something. And it was girly.

At a meeting earlier this month, I announced to the youth council at church that I will not be continuing Youth Sunday School leading next year. I’ve been thinking and praying about another ministry and I believe God is leading me in that direction. I’m excited and a little worried because it is something…I wouldn’t have thought I would get into and it is looking like a good possibility it should and will happen. I want so much good for others and can it be that I might help provide a good for them? I continue to pray and I trust God’s promise that He will equip me to do His work. Yet, it is scary. I’m gonna do it. I’ve never done anything like this but I have to try.

And so many other things are weighing on my spirit. I am not in control. I cannot emphasize enough the importance prayer has taken in my life the past 18 months but I am so glad to have it as a tool.

That’s it for now. [IMPACT]’s gonna be starting up again real soon so there should be more entries in June.

Oh, and Apple comes for a visit in July! I’M SO EXCITED I CANNOT WAIT COME NOW!

Mahalo for reading. See you next month!