Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Such Thin Pages

As I was reading the Bible recently, I took some time to reflect on the thinness of the pages. I don’t know why.

I will often finish a section [which I have designated for myself as 3 chapters every reading session] and then flip through the rest of the book to see how many more chapters are left. This used to be a tasking thing as I would think, “I have so far to go!” Now it is an encouraging thing as I think instead, “I’m halfway!” or “There’s only 5 more chapters, I can finish that right now.”

But for some reason, when I was checking ahead this particular time in the book of Ezekiel, I turned the page and thought, “Why are Bible pages so thin?”

Perhaps it serves practical reasons, as 1000+ pages printed on 20# weight paper would be bulky and heavy. Or maybe small type prints better on this kind of paper.

Beyond that, I reflected on my spiritual walk being a reading through the Bible, printed on these thin pages. Such thin pages. I finish reading a page but that one page alone is so thin that it seems like I haven’t made any progress at all.

Then I take a bottom or a top view and I see that I’ve read 730 pages so far, more than halfway through. To think that I used to get stuck around page 150 [~Deuteronomy], that is considerable progress!

And the texture, so smooth, yet rough where I’ve written on it somewhere. I write on the page when I’ve gotten an idea from, a clearer understanding of, or a huge question mark on the reading. Sometimes I’ve pressed down on the pen so much that I can feel the impression through several pages. Such thin pages.

Being somewhat of a bibliophile, even the sound of turning a page is music to me. The thin pages of the Bible rustle and sigh as I flip through. I am beginning to find comfort in its song. The sound is so much more than is the sound of any other book I may read.

My spiritual walk has been slow, the journey of maturity long. Looking back from this point, it has been as if I’ve taken a whole year to take one step. Not always; there have been periods of tremendous growth and understanding, but few and far between have those periods been.

I cannot know what is in my future either, but God knows. God knows what progress I have made and what chapter is next, knows what page I'm on. The times that I’ve been lost or going the wrong direction in life are the times that God wrote on my page, not for His understanding but for my own. God also writes on my page at moments of revealing to me more of who He is. And believe me, He leaves an impression.

As for the sound of my spiritual walk, I think God loves listening to it. I’m sure He loves listening to yours just as much! And God loving your "song" doesn't take away from how much He loves mine, isn't that a wonder?

I know this is a loose illustration. It’s just some thoughts that were going through my mind as I reflected on the pages. *shrugs* I kinda like it.

Such thin pages, each one holding so much.

Mahalo for reading!