Monday, April 6, 2009

My Face!

I know NOTHING about makeup! My mom doesn’t know much about makeup and so couldn’t pass anything down to me in that area of a female’s life. No older sister or close cousin to tell me about the stuff.

Not that I mind my lack of knowledge that much; I like waking up and being out the door in 15-minutes if I need to; well, even if I don’t need to, I can be out in 15. I know enough, by messing with the stuff on my own, to do a quick basic thing I would do when I was working and wanted to look a little more “put-together” [isn’t that an odd phrase?]. And I’ve watched those women on talk shows that say they HAVE TO have makeup on, not even their husbands have ever seen them without makeup--- that is RIDICULOUS!

But every now and then, I like having a feminine moment and playing with makeup. And every now and then someone, usually Apple, will say that my makeup looked really good.

Some time last month as I was gumming around YouTube, I saw a video about makeup. What peaked my interest in this video was that the girl was Asian [hey, so am I! Wow!]. Also it was a makeup tutorial for someone wearing glasses. I don’t wear glasses, but I thought that was interesting that someone should do their makeup differently if they’re gonna wear glasses.

I’ve watched other kinds of tutorial videos [about building things, :D ] that are confusing or I hafta do extra thinking about the illustrations they use in order to understand what the person’s talking about, or the video is super long so by the end of it I’m bored.

The video is by Michelle Phan. She has a pleasant face, I just thought I’d say that. I decided to watch a few of her other videos. Michelle’s videos are a good length and are illustrated and/or demonstrated clearly. The music she uses in the background compliments her videos and I appreciate the fact that she gives credit in her notes to the music. If you’d like some makeup pointers, I’d suggest watching Michelle. Here’s the link to the video on makeup with glasses:

I also appreciate what she says on her channel page:
“I take great care and passion with my videos. I may not have a lot, but I am a firm believer of QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. I stress on visuals, colors, music, editing and speech to take my videos beyond a tutorial, but a pleasent experience. It's not about trying to learn something, it's about enjoying what you are learning.”

Anyways, so I guess under the influence of watching videos on makeup, I’ve been in a mood to try stuff on my own. Below are some photos of what I tried recently. Sorry if my face scares you but that’s life! I still don’t do much with my eyebrows and I don’t care all that much to start; I also didn’t do my hair and yes, I’m wearing a ratty old t-shirt, okay.

Mahalo for reading!

[Photo notes: I guess I was also thinking about my recent trip to Shark’s Cove. I loved swimming in the water, such a beautiful blue-green.

Colors used here:
Nicole Miller eyeshadow-Honey Shimmer
NYX ES–Lime Green
NM ES- Tijuana
NM ES- Midnight
NM waterproof mascara
NM eyeliner pencil
NM lipstick- Raspberry]