Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home of the Crispy Gau Gee

Here’s a family favorite: Waimalu Chop Suey. We’ve been eating there as far back as I can remember!

Waimalu CS is called the “home of the crispy gau gee” because their gau gee is HUGE! Sometimes my brother will order just gau gee and that will satisfy him for a whole meal…and my bro’s a BIG guy.

I’ve only seen a couple of reviews on WCS. Both do not give much credit to the service. It’s a family-run sit-down Chinese restaurant; it seems to me that the service at these types of eateries are never raved about. I like the service at WCS. They come quickly with the menu and water, they bring the food out in a timely manner, and the taste? ONO!

My favorite thing from Waimalu CS is their wor won ton with vegetables [pictured above; sorry I couldn't do it much justice with this photo :/ ]. It comes with noodles, cabbage, mushroom, bamboo, and about 6-7 won ton. I like to mix the hot mustard with some shoyu and pour some of that on top of everything. We also like the beef broccoli over cake noodles, orange or lemon chicken, shrimp stir fry…….

Shoot. I’m still hung up on the wor won ton to think of what else we usually get…!! …………..

Anyone up for Chinese food?!

Mahalo for reading and try out Waimalu Chop Suey!

[Directions to Waimalu Chop Suey]
[Waimalu Chop Suey review on Yelp.com]

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  1. I want Chinese! You know where we are going come July. I can't wait to see you babe!!!


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