Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Better Kalihi, A Better Jenn? [2/2]

Tuesday, March 10th, Day FOUR:
“A Better School” -->To support and work with Kalihi Waena Elementary School

I wasn’t able to join them at KWES, but I heard the Wheaton team had a good time with the kids. This is a school that has been put on Kendal’s heart. Some of our kids attend KWES.

Later that night, Wheaton joined our Bible study group for some fellowship. Dinner…Chinese chicken salad, cake, steak, Portuguese sausage, brownies and much more!

For the games section, we started with a Mixed-Plate Edition of Taboo that Shelly and I thought up. Basically, we tried to make our own cards with Bible things and some personal things to Hawai‘i, Wheaton, and our BS group.

Wednesday, 11th, Day FIVE:
“A Better Church” --> To bless KUC by helping with various on campus projects

And they certainly blessed us! Again, wasn’t able to join them with the campus projects in the day time and then little at night. During the afternoon, they were joined by a team of homeschoolers. From what I saw and heard, they went over and beyond what was on the plate. Oh my goodness, if anything, I am quite inspired!

Shelly and her family provided a Hawaiian dinner for the Wheaton team. Joel and I came to hangout also. Crazy after-dinner games, wow. Kash decided to make a game. He would count one-two-three in Chinese, on four, everyone pointed at someone. Where the pointing chain stopped, that person had to eat a “prize” or “punishment,” things like haupia dipped in poi and sprinkled with Hawaiian salt. Ummm, yeah. Lol

After dinner, they finished up buffing the Welcome Center floor and we all helped put things back where they belong.

Thursday, 12th, Day SIX:
“A Better Community” --> To demonstrate that we care for the Kalihi community

In the morning, Wheaton went with Kendal and Mr. Kam to Waianae. They harvested supplies [coconuts, banana leaves and rocks] for the block party to be held the next day.

I joined them in the afternoon. Another college group, from The Master’s College, also came out to help. Joel led a team down to Umi Street for anti-graffiti painting, rubbish pick up, and meeting more people in the neighborhood.

I stayed behind with the Imu Crew. Mr. Kam supervised Adam, Andrew, Kash and Jeff in building the imu. My job was to document this part of the process. 60? pounds of porkbutt to cook. The imu was about 2x3 [ft] and 16 inches deep. Wadded up newspaper on the bottom, kiawe wood on top with a “chute” to drop the light down, and the rocks on top. The rocks had to be ones that had holes in them so that they wouldn’t explode when heated up. The imu was covered with plastic to keep the rain out during the night.

During the down time, the guys cracked open a couple of the coconuts. Fresh coconut juice and meat, yum!

Wheaton and Master’s groups helped out with the WAMM program. Or at least they had most of the night under control! We had the usual study hall time, Master’s took care of the games, and Wheaton provided dinner which included a mudpie dessert. Kendal shared with the kids how to make the gospel bracelet. Brian from Wheaton gave a message that night, from his personal testimony to the invitation.

And then…Wheaton vs. Hawai‘i-Kalihi basketball! It was surprising to find out how competitive Jacquelyne [Wheaton] could be! Of course, our Kalihi team gave Wheaton a challenge! I didn’t find out who won, but it was great just to watch.

Friday, 13th, Day SEVEN:
“A Better Neighborhood” -->To build relationships and to connect with people on Umi Street in Kalihi

Mr. Kam and the guys were back at the imu in the early hours of the morning. The rest of the group/day went to preparing for the night’s festivities at the block party. Master’s College was back to help out as well. Signs, posters, balloons, games, food!

And then the big party! We had games for the kids. Kimberly got people signed up for the door prizes. Rachel and I passed out the “A Better Kalihi” t-shirts. Adam manned the grill. We had a worship team headed by our own Romina and Wheaton students and another team from Master’s College. I saw Mrs. Von deliver a tray of noodles [she wasn’t able to stay for the party]. Kendal’s mom, MY MOM, Kalani [KUC Youth] and Chris [WC] served up the food at dinner time. Kendal and Andrew Hongo emceed it all.


Saturday, 14th, Day EIGHT:
“A Better End”

I think they helped set up some things at the Hawaiian Island Ministries Conference, then had some time at Ala Moana for shopping. I met up with them back at KUC; the EFCA beach day was moved to KUC due to heavy rains. The Wheaton group was cleaning and organizing closets in the youth rooms, a task I dread doing myself! One never knows what will be found in there!

We had a quick lunch, then took our time saying all the goodbyes. : (

We miss having the extra help around, the bounty of laughably enjoyable moments, the sense of community. I have enjoyed the company. I have been inspired by the work you’ve done.

MAHALO and ALOHA to the Wheaton Breakaway Hawai‘i Team 2009!! Brian, Kimberly, Jacquelyne, Astrid, Alana, Charity, Andrew, Kash, Jeff, Matt, Chris and Adam, you are all wonderful!

Mahalo for reading!

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