Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Because Of You: I Love My Thighs

[I decided to start a new label for entries called "Because Of You," highlighting the people and moments that have shaped who I am today! Here goes the first in the series:]

Ali H., college friend [pronounced like Muhammad ALI] :

I love my thighs. Seriously!

We were waiting to go to the beach with friends one day when Ali looked over at my legs. He said, “Wow, your thighs are bigger than mine!” The other guys chuckled. Realizing how it sounded, Ali explained that because he was a soccer player he had big strong thighs to help in the game. He was admiring my big thighs.

Of course I’ve looked at my body many many many times over the course of my life. I’ve had moments of loving it and moments of wanting to change it, never to the point of hating any part or of changing it by surgery.

My thighs have always touched, even at my lowest weight. I could never wear the skinny jeans that many of my friends did. I’ve only ever played PE soccer.

But my thighs have taken me on long hikes, carried me through many cities, powered many bike rides and jump roping exercises. They are the thighs that help lift me from off the ground with a four-year-old on my back. These thighs have gone up and down thousands of stairs. These thighs have marched proudly for my high school. These thighs have marched in the Rose Bowl Parade.

These thighs are powerful.

Because of Ali, I love my thighs!

Mahalo for reading!

[These thighs have been to the highest point on Kaho'olawe. That is me in the yellow top.]

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