Friday, February 20, 2009

How Random Are You? [Part Two]

Alright, here’s the explanation for the recent randomness. I was tagged on FB by my friend Tongs to do the list that was in Part One. I figured, “I’ll do it. I can be random, no problem.” Then I realized, her status updates are pretty random themselves. I told her she didn’t need a Random note, her updates were random enough. She replied that they’re not any more random than my updates.

I would’ve liked to post her most recent 25 updates and then have you tell me which list is more random, but respect her privacy, I’m only gonna post my most recent 25 updates starting with the latest update. What do you think, is this list random?

Oh, and each one starts with “Jennifer…” For awhile, I got tired of ending sentences with “.” so I started to alternate between “?” and “!” just to make it more fun. I think I’ll start doing that again. Once again, mahalo for reading and please leave a comment!

Most Recent 25 Status Updates
25. loves!

24. thinks jerk drivers w/vanity plates shouldn’t ride my bumper on the freeway. Anyone know the driver of SATOMI?

23. saw J get hit by a van?

22. :surprise visit w/the grandparents!

21. :random update?

20. now has enough for one friend for every day of the year, wish it were that easy to KIT with everyone!

19. is terrorizing her own kind!

18. :forget this, I’m going to sleep!

17. :wild horse!

16. :one big hand!

15. :once again, the driver is the lone survivor!

14. is being held hostage and made to listen to random music!

13. got mugged by a sweaty polar bear?

12. :it’s been too long, she shall now faint over a soft surface, please do not revive before dawn!

11. :mary embrey I am not?

10. :dad said, “what’s wrong with you?!?!”

9. :it’s okay, I only need one leg?

8. :no known surviving passengers!

7. is not at brian’s with J guys!

6. :coffee bean and tea leaf in hand, now to raid bro’s fridge!

5. is gonna go run in a crooked line!

4. is speak no evil, hear no evil, and smell no evil…?

3. kept the epic boys in line!

2. loves her whole family!

1. :cabbage for dinner…yummmm!