Saturday, February 7, 2009

Basic Requirements

I dread questions about my "love life" [as if life isn't about loving, but that's its own entry]. I have a difficult time answering such general questions. A few months ago, a friend asked me about my type. Being me, I didn't know if he meant blood type, specie type,…. Okay, I knew what he meant.

After many many many more questions, what was concluded was that "my type" of guy would be an athletic outdoorsy Asian Christian actively involved with a ministry in the church. That's not it. That's starting to get too specific.

When I say I have a difficulty answering general questions, neither did I mean that I have such specific answers for those questions. When it comes to "my type," if someone asked me if a specific person is my type, I could then say yes or no. Or maybe. I could possibly give reasons for thinking so. And it helps if I know the guy personally. Though I most likely will avoid answering such a question because it just wouldn't be right.

And I could still be wrong. I try to leave this in God's control.

However, in other conversations and experiences, I do have some basic requirements that I would like to see in a guy whom is interested in dating me. Here they are:

Basic Requirements To Dating Me Eligibility:
1. Have been born a male and is yet a male.
2. Is alive.
3. Be able to legally drink alcohol [doesn't need to be an alcohol drinker, just old enough to].
4. Not be old enough to have been my father.
5. Loves kids!
6. Be able to properly change a flat tire. If not, have the guts to face my dad and learn from him!
7. Is able to spell my name correctly before sending me flowers or gifts of any sort.
8. Is able to discuss things with me.
9. Be taller than me by at least 3 inches.
10. Be willing to do all or most of the driving.
11. Get along with Jules, she may have pre-final approval some day!

*Highly sensitive guys with no sense of humor need not apply.

**Bonus Material: speaks a foreign language, especially if it is Spanish or Chinese; volleyball player and/or swimmer; good singer; an intellectual.

I could definitely say more about all this. That's not really specific, right?

In all seriousness though, when it comes to the possibility of a romantic relationship in the future, I'm more focused on becoming a woman worthy of a good relationship.

Mahalo for reading!