Friday, January 9, 2009

Nine Days of Joel

Joel went to OR over Christmas break. Practically as soon as he got off the plane back in HI, we’ve been out doing stuff with other friends. I survived! And all I got was this stinkin’ photo:

He got back on a Tuesday [Day One]. We ended up going to Gazen for drinks and dinner.

Wednesday [2] was New Year’s Eve. We ended up going to Joel’s for drinks and dinner.

Thursday [3] we ended up driving around. Dinner. I used a gc and got some new music! That always makes me smile! Then a lovely walk around a big general store topped off with a movie that turned out to be pretty funny!

Friday [4], we went to the beach AS PLANNED! How shocking!

Saturday [5] we ended up seeing another movie [I have now fulfilled my quota of seeing movies in the theater for the next 6 years…]. Lunch. Preparation for camp. Then we ended up going to drinks and dinner as planned to celebrate The Gima!

Sunday [6] we went to church as always planned. Then it was off to camp!

Camp was on Sunday, Monday [7], Tuesday [8], and Wednesday [9].

Wednesday night, we ended up playing Mahjong Rockband!

Exhaustion is staying out late on Saturday night, waking up early to go to church the next day, going to camp and sleeping about half-an-hour to an hour during camp. I was too old for this when I was TEN! ;)

I’m gonna go hide in my cave soon. I wasn’t made for so much socializing! I…almost…made…friends!!! LOL

I have also fulfilled the hang-out-with-Joel quota for the next two years. See you in 2011 Joel! JK It was good fun! A LOT more fun than I described things here but there's just too much...we ALWAYS have a good time!

Mahalo for reading!