Saturday, December 13, 2008

You Can Keep Your Two Cents

It’s no secret that Mom and I get on each others’ nerves. That’s not the big story here.

Mom went to church every day this past week to help Aunty with work. I caught a ride in with her on Monday. Mom, Aunty and I sat down to lunch and talk story.

I told Aunty about one of my rebellious acts and oh, my poor mother, what I put her through! Mom and I can laugh about it now. Okay…I’m the one laughing while Mom shakes her head!

A church lady MK was at the copier and overheard. She decided to enter the conversation by talking about things remotely unrelated and then about somewhat sort of related parents living with adult children. Disinterested, I quietly waited for her to finish.

Mom and Aunty go back to work, I stay back to do dishes. MK asks me if my family and I have signed a contract. *puzzled look.* For what?

“A family contract.”


I think she said something about how a contract would smooth tension in the home, I don’t know. After some good conversation with Mom and Aunty, listening to MK put me back in Cranky Mode.

Anyways, MK didn’t pick up the humor when I explained that my brother is the good son and I’m the bad seed. She said in response, “You don’t have to believe that about yourself.”


“That you’re a bad seed. You don’t have to believe that.”

Tightlipped, I said, “Um, okay, bye.” And walked out.

Apparently I have a negative self-image! *She laughs a most evil laugh*

Near the end there, I was starting to feel like I was in “Good Will Hunting.”

Sean: It’s not your fault.
Will: I know.
Sean: It’s not your fault.
Will: I know.

[Repeated until Will breaks down and sobs]


[I'm smiling for a photo; probably means I just did something bad!]

My self-image: good!
Mom and I: love!
My response to unsolicited and unnecessary advice: don’t.

Mahalo for reading!