Thursday, December 4, 2008

Work and PLAY

A little while ago, I started to consider leaving the Bible study group which had adopted me in and joining another small group. The consideration is not a reflection on the BS group but of personal circumstances and a constant desire to follow where God is leading me. For the moment I am staying with the current BS group, with my friends.

On Black Friday, a few of us said, “BAH!” to shopping and went hunting for public school photos along the north side of the island. Earlier in the week, Big Heart had offered to take me to get pics for Big D. Then some genius [me] invited Monkey along… but it turned out to be good fun!

And…it was a productive day. We headed out from my house about 11:30, went north, some crazy traffic around Sunset because of the surf contest. After Sunset, the road was pretty clear. We hit 8 campuses [9 schools, Kahuku Inter and High are on one campus], starting from Sunset all the way to King, started home from Kaneohe side around 3:30. Saw some pretty cool things. It was work for me, but at the same time relaxing having friends along who didn’t mind that I was working.
Sunday was a birthday party for GM. GM likes games; he created a new one called “Military Mayhem” and debuted it at his party. We were in two teams, played two games. Game one was Pastor, Monkey, Tad and Target against Mouth, Kyle, Jared and me. I got picked on by boys from the other side, namely Target. Then I picked up Target Jr. who promptly spat up on me, but he’s still my favorite nephew.

Game two was Monkey and CBCU against Kyle, BH and David. That was a crazy funny game. I’m just gonna say storm troopers, bunkers, airstrikes, snipers, uncertain terrain and MACE WINDU! The end times came down to Monkey and CBCU having BH surrounded; all fate rested on the GM’s roll of the di. BH got first attack and destroyed their base! It was great!

Others played games on the Wii, video games, we had great food thanks to Lisa who wasn’t able to come.

Some of us played mahjong, it was already getting late and we were tired. Punahou had trouble with number sequences and building walls. Moanalua had trouble getting great hands but still won a few. We all had trouble remembering how rotation goes to get the game going.
Early this year, I was asked by Mr. K to consider helping the youth dept. at church and I eventually decided to do so. Now I am being asked to spend more time with the kids, which has already been on my heart and mind all along. Monday night volleyball has now been opened up to being one of those times to show up for the kids who come out and the others in fellowship.

BH picked me up and we went to volleyball. Those guys and gals are good players. I haven’t played in about a decade and so I had it in mind not to play that night; it was a good decision. It was fun just watching.

I got to talk a little with Mary [FCF] and a little with Junior and Joseph [KUC youth]. I spent most of the night talking things over with Mr. K. I don’t know if Monday VB is the right venue for me to build relationships, we’ll see.

A few of us went out to eat afterwards, talked story. Friends, food, fun.
This past Tuesday, the BS was left to our own defenses. Monkey and Krystle got a few of us together for dinner and a movie. Eight of us showed up for dinner. Somehow we had 4 on one side eating salads and the other 4 having meat. Krystle missed Zac inhaling his food ‘cuz she was on the phone with Rachel coordinating for the Naughty or Nice party coming up. BH worked another piece of art for The Chang who was not in attendance.

I hardly ever see movies in the theatre and the first time going with this group. We had a good time! I heard someone in the group say, “that girl was okay. I could do a better job of kissing that guy.” We hung around a little afterwards, talking story. There is now a plan to send glitter and lipstick over to a certain someone overseas… it would be too much to explain here what that’s about!
So from Friday to Tuesday night, such good fun mixed in with work [for me]. I don’t know when I have laughed so much over several days!

And I wanna say, I have a tendency to isolate myself, to push people away even, when I’m having a rough time; I’m having one currently. I am overwhelmingly appreciative of good friends who check up on me anyway, who care no matter how much of a jerk I might be when I’m upset or how much I might take them for granted [without realizing it].

Mahalo for being a good friend and reading in!

[Yeah, the photos are out of order and whatever, you figure out which is what!]