Friday, December 5, 2008


No, not that kind!

Look at those stats! This is after week 13, going into the playoffs for Fantasy Football. If you need a reminder, I am Hilo. I wouldn’t be writing so much about FFB except that me having a long win streak blows my mind. I mean, sure, there’s only 6 teams and 2 of the owners haven’t changed their lineups since week 1, but still. This is crazy to me.

Week before last, someone finally took the point lead from me. Houston was up by 3. I obviously took it back.

Now we’re into the playoffs. It says I have a bye this week but the points my team accumulates will still come into play. Otherwise, it’s a “one loss and you’re out” format. After this week’s bye, I hafta win the last two matches to win the league.

Let’s go Hilo!

Mahalo for reading!