Monday, December 29, 2008

Eight Reflections

I guess it’s that time to look back on the past year and reflect on the things that made it 2008 for me. Every day is a new experience, a new opportunity, but for me 2008 has really been about things NEW.

1] ReNEWed spirit in my faith journey
Well, not really a new thing but each time this happens, I get excited! Each time, I am more and more amazed with how well God knows me. Each time seems to get better and better. I become more convinced that He knows where and when to meet me, how to speak to me and guide me, who I need in my life for encouragement… He knows. Last year He gently prepared me for this year and I have made it through. I am halfway through reading the Bible, I committed to working in a ministry, I gave up more control of my life in order to trust God more. I think this year has certainly been trying, but it has also been very enjoyable, and I can’t wait for more!

2] NEW chapter in an old friendship
She did it, she really did it. *sigh* My greatest friend up and abandoned me for Seattle. And I am so proud of her! It seems that the move has been good for her, and I’m beginning to think that it has been good for me as well. Not having her close at hand has been very difficult on me; I cried for many, many nights. I still tear up to think about how far she is, but today I can smile through the tears. The good part for me is that I’ve had to open my eyes to new relationships, to rely on others I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise. Frightening thing for a deeply private and guarded soul to have to open up to even one more person, but it has been a good experience to have to stretch out my arms and reach for more hearts. Which brings me to…

3] NEW friend force
I can never emphasize enough just how much I love my friends, old and new! This time, I’ve welcomed in a whole set of new friends, or rather, they’ve welcomed me in. I have a difficult time with making friendships that last more than a month, or meeting people I can call up and hang out with for no particular reason, or…whatever. More so this season of new friendships has been surprising because I am not getting to know individuals only; I am getting to know a whole group who were already friends with each other before I came around [I tend towards individual friendships rather than a group]. I think God knew I would need them and when because it certainly was not done by my initiative at all. It has been so long, I hafta readjust to hearing, “Call up so-and-so, see if they wanna do something too!” Looking forward to more good times together! [Special thanks to Monkey; you know why….]

4] NEW love, NEW heartache, NEW hope
Not much I wanna say about it here and now. I don’t regret spending one moment with him; anything more I might say about him, I’m gonna reserve for him. However, if this was merely a learning lesson, I’d say that I discovered that I am ready. I am okay with the idea of being single for my life; that is my status today and most likely will be tomorrow and that is good. Should God have made me for another, it will be good as well. I shall take the good and bad, go through the ups and downs, embrace the pain as much as I do the joy. I will no longer be afraid that I might bring joy to another.

5] NEW haircut
I’ve had haircuts before, but this was by far my best experience getting a haircut! Mahalo to Jessica at Ulupono Academy for giving me a cut I love! She not only cut it the way I would love it, but she said that it’ll still look good as it grows out. So far she has been right! This is also the first time I’ve gotten a haircut where I’ve been able to “style” it on my own and have it look great. I don’t have to do much to it at all. Usually my bangs go to the left on its own; I dunno how she got it to go to the right, so it is now causing me to correct years of tilting my head to the left. And it was all cheaper than what big name discount haircutting places charge. Mahalo Jessica and Ulupono Academy! Go get cut!

6] NEW communications
When I lived on the mainland, Apple got me to go on MySpace so we could keep in touch. Now it is Facebook! Also, I am finally getting used to the AIM window popping up, I think. Thanks to GnomeKing and others for making me get used to it. I still don’t like the idea of being on the computer so much, but at least with FB and AIM I can be social while remaining in my no-friend nature!

7] NEW passion, NEW way to journal
In August, I bought a new camara with money I’d saved up. Also, a friend loaned me his Canon so I could take photos I need for thesis. I’ve been making good use of both camaras! I’ve always liked taking pictures but with the new camara, I am more lethal! And Facebook has been useful in giving me a place to show off the photos right away and share them with friends. The photo albums have become another kind of journal of my life.

8] NEW titles and roles
Aunty Jenn. Photo-historian. Class leader. Youth worker. Role model. Blogger. People-lover. Writer of strange updates. Facebook Fantasy Football 2008 2nd place. Huggy love bear.

Hmmm…can you guess which new title is my favorite?

Mahalo for coming along with me in 2008. I cannot believe I’ve posted over 100 entries! What the heck did I say in all of those?!! I hope you’ve enjoyed them, whether the serious ones and/or the weirdly strange. Mahalo for all of the comments! Please continue with the feedback, I really enjoy them!

I look forward to making more memories in 2009!

Mahalo for reading!