Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update It

Great Live Music
Last night, I went to a concert given at KUC featuring Micah Teruya. I was tired, but I decided that spending a night with great music would be good for me. I was right.

I plan to write more about Micah and his music in another entry, but being that I do not post entries on Sunday, and I’ve been setting up this update entry, I thought I would get some time-sensitive info out to my readers.

See the posted flier for more info on where Micah will be playing this week. Try to catch one of the shows if possible or check out the websites listed to hear the songs! Also, his CD is available online through his website.

Dominating a Fantasy
Alright folks! We are in the 12th week of Fantasy Football! I am working on a 9-win streak! That is crazy!

I won last week’s match up by TWO points. It was so close. If my opponent’s last player had made the touchdown, I would have lost. Goodbye win streak. Start over. But he didn’t and I won. :D
And so I have remained in the top position of the league for a few weeks. That feels great, but then the pressure is on. I can see the finish line. 5 weeks to go until playoffs. Can I do it? Can I win the league? I think I can.

What would it mean? Absolutely nothing. lol

What Kinda Fan Are You?!!
So I’ve been completely not paying attention to my teams. I have no idea who the QB is for the Warriors. I have watched one Wahine VB game on TV this season and I think it’s time for regionals already? I have no idea.

I’ve followed with what’s going on with the Cowboys and the Colts [NFL], but not as closely as I did last year. Last year, I stayed home on Sundays and watched games with Dad. This year, I’m in church, trying to [at the least] be a good role model for younger people and having no idea what I’m doing there either. But I’m there.

Well, I fail as a fan. Hopefully that means I am succeeding elsewhere.
I think that’s enough update for today. Wow, 4 entries in 1 week; I've spoiled you guys this week!

Go catch a Micah Teruya showing.

Mahalo for reading this entry!