Monday, November 3, 2008

Kids Say…What?

On my way to service on Sunday I ran into Aunty Pat. The first thing she said was, “See that girl in the pink dress? She’s your charge now.” And Aunty Pat went to the restroom, leaving me with a pouty Kaya.

Kaya said no one wanted to play with her, even though her friend Shae was right next to her. Kaya’s mood changed when she saw that my sweater wasn’t buttoned all the way. she got busy finishing the job. Then Shae said I didn’t need a sweater when it’s warm, so Kaya unbuttoned my sweater and tried to pull it off.

On the way inside Aunty Pat told me that Kaya said she didn’t wanna go in to service because she wasn’t gonna behave. How’s that for self-awareness? And she’s only 3!

I sat with them inside [Aunty Pat, Kaya, Shae, Race, and Shae’s parents].

KUC’s brought back Childrens’ Corner to service. Kaya likes to sit on the stage steps, or I should say, likes to travel along the steps. She started off from behind the pastor. As the pastor stretched out his arms to illustrate the enemy fleeing the God-backed Christian, Kaya fled [crawled] away from the group. Then she came back.
Back in September, on a previous Kaya Sunday, I let Kaya have another go at photography. She took some pretty good shots.

Also on Sunday, Kendal was having technical difficulties with his camara. Joel said Kendal needed lessons on how to take care of it. I shrugged and said that I give mine to a 3yr old.

Btw, I still don’t tell my mom when I’m gonna misbehave.

Mahalo for reading and enjoy the photos!

Photography by Kaya
This one's by me. Kaya's drawing the world.