Friday, October 24, 2008

He Woke Me Up This Morning

A few weeks ago, in the early stages of this DBHM, I was walking through the KawaiaHa‘o Church grounds. An older man was passing in the other direction. He had already passed me when he turned around and called out, “Are you a Christian?”


He came back towards me, asking if that was my church [it isn’t]. He asked if I would pray for him right there. I accepted his hand, we bowed our heads and I prayed for him.

Then began a long mostly one-sided conversation.

He said to call him “Brother George” though I think what I heard was that his full name is Troy George. I didn’t say much, not that I had much chance to say anything, because I was concentrating on understanding what he was saying. Brother George’s speech was a little slurred though I don’t think he was drunk. It was more like he had a swollen tongue or something.

Brother George is homeless though he’s hoping to be in a place by November or December. He’s been on and off the street a few times. Used to be in drugs and drinking, even gotten beat up badly by a dealer’s thugs.

And then he became a Christian. Brother George got the message from God to get right and stop the foolishness. That was two years ago, though Brother George doesn’t know what the exact date was or what today is, but in October. He now attends Pacific Revival Church on Dillingham. He says he cries like a baby every week there because of what God is doing for him. KawaiaHa‘o Church lets people store things there for a very low price, that’s why Brother George was over there.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, Brother George asked for testimony about what God has done for me. I wasn’t quick to answer so Brother George helped me out a little. “You woke up this morning. God feed you, God clothe you….”

Yes Brother George, God sure did!

We were there for maybe about 15-20 minutes until he finally moved on. Even if I had been on my way to a scheduled meeting or something, I believe I would have stayed to listen to Brother George anyway. I did say a quick prayer for God’s protection because I’m nervous about talking to strangers when I am on my own, but I think God was saying something through Brother George.

Maybe I’m still digesting and having it sink in.

Anyways, I don’t want Brother George to be someone that I forget, someone who just stopped me on the street and then I went on with my life. I want to remember what he told me.

I would like to do something for Brother George but am not sure what to do. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to help me bless Brother George, PLEASE! Let me know. I do have a phone number for him. A friend did advise having someone from church invite Brother George to Joy Fellowship; I haven’t passed on the information yet because I haven’t been by my regular church much lately.

What has God done for me today: He’s woken me up from sleep. He’s given me another day. He’s given me good family and friends. When life seems unbearable, when my heart feels like it’s literally breaking, when I need help seeing past my hurts, I want to remember that I am ALIVE. God is GOOD.

God used a homeless man to minister to me, one who has more than enough.

What am I doing for God? Work in progress…

Mahalo for reading and let's all remind each other of what God is doing for us.