Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And The Fantasy Continues

Facebook Football, that is.

Week 1: win 87-84
Week 2: loss 95-122
Week 3: loss 89-93
Week 4: win 117-116
Week 5: win 108-57
Week 6: win 95-77

The teams: HHR [me], HOT [James], FG [Clay], OT, JJC, KCR

I already talked about week 1 in a previous entry. That was against James and I was on top of the league. Week 3 sucked; I lost to a girl in the Philippines who doesn’t follow football and had no starting QB in her line up. Week 4 was against Clay, squeaked by. Week 5 doesn’t count ‘cuz it’s another person not paying attention at all to the league. I’m 3rd in the league by now in terms of W-L, but overall point-wise, I’ve got about a 2o point lead over the next person, Clay.

Week 6. It’s a weird thing to have only 6 teams in a league, but thank you to Clay for putting it together. I was up against James again. This always makes me nervous ‘cuz James has a talent for being good at anything he does and he’s a huge numbers guy [ i.e. can understand/remember stats and percentages better and faster than I can]. All his guys played on Sunday; I’m leading by 12. I’ve got Eli Manning playing on Monday= bonus points.

I have the option of playing either Manning brother. Eli vs. the Browns Defense was supposed to be the easier match up than Colts Offense vs. Ravens Defense. I played Eli obviously. Peyton made 22 fantasy points.

I watched the Giants game from the 2nd quarter, when Eli didn’t make any points until just before the half I think. One passing TD, THREE interceptions and stuff later, the game is over. Eli= SIX points. I was actually concerned that Eli would get in the negative and cost me the match up.


So currently I am 2nd overall in the league but I can feel the pressure. OT is on top because he’s got one more win than me. With the 121 points he made in week 6, OT is a mere 3 points behind me. I am up against him this week. I need to win this game and make more points than him in order to be on top.

If I should lose, the next closest competitor is…James. And he is not very far behind.

Still, I am not doing too bad on the Fantasy FB front. I've pretty much played the right line ups. It has been a small but good distraction from the things of life, especially at this time. I remain in double BHM at the moment but hope to be in single BHM soon.

Mahalo for reading!