Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Three-Year-Old Truth

I have something to confess. It’s been three years since this happened, but well, people are starting to find out anyway. I might as well get everything out in the open.

Four years ago, there was this guy…and…3 years ago…

*deep breath*

…my friend gave birth to a baby girl!

Okay, that was for JayLee, whom I’m surprised was the only one to make a joke implying that I had a secret love-child! :D

It started when I began to make FB updates about getting beat up by a 3-yr old. Over the summer I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with Kaya while her grandma worked around the church. Kaya is…a handful! She is a very strong-willed child who likes to have her way, is quick to pout but just as quick to smile, and reminds me of myself. Except that I’ve never been quite as vocal as Kaya can be!

Kaya jumping for leaves; Jennifer shooting one-handed.The only difficult part is that Kaya is tall for her age. And she can play kinda rough so that’s what the updates on the beat downs have been regarding. She likes to harvest leaves from trees. If you see a bare branch around church, especially a low-lying branch, it probably means Kaya has visited. She likes to be lifted up to reach the higher branches. Guess who gets to lift her up!

Kaya thinks I'm a tree, for climbing purposes.

We’ve gotten into this little game where Kaya pretends to carry me on her back. She likes hearing about how strong she is and how she’s got more muscle than me. *checks arms* That last part might actually be true at the moment. Excuse me while I go lift some weights…

…I should finish this entry first. I’ll lift those weights later.
There’s No Yelling in Church!
It just seems to me that church mothers don’t really yell or raise their voice to their children during church. I suppose hanging out with Kaya, it kinda creeps me out a little that church mothers are so…nice. I was watching for even a stern look from a parent when I saw a kid running a little wild.

My mom had no problems reining me in at church. If she hadn’t, we probably would’ve been kicked out for excessive abuse of hymnals. Let’s leave it at that.

They're so cute at that age.Anyways, Kaya was having a pouty day and arguing with another little girl. Kaya ran away to her grandma without me. I followed her. She wanted to come with me so we went back outside. More arguing and an attempt to run to Grandma again. I called her, loudly. Kaya stopped, turned around and very slowly came back to me. I had to explain that if she ran back to Grandma without me again that she wouldn’t be able to come with me and I would go away. No more running away.

Kaya is VERY good practice for hopefully becoming a mother someday. Keep in mind that I was/am a strong-willed child myself, so I pretty much know how to handle Kaya. I mean, each child is different but so far so good.

She already knows to say “thank you.” I’m getting her to say “you’re welcome” when someone says “thank you” to her. She’s very smart. She loves to watch plays; she’ll be very still and quiet if taken to a play. She’ll even shush you if you make a noise. Only, if she sits in my lap, her head is in my face and I’m eating her curls. I had to watch half the play with a tilted head and my neck was aching after! But it’s okay.

Since Kaya can be very pouty, it’s such a great sense of joy when I can get her to smile again. I think I get just a tiny sense of what a mother feels.

But no biological clock ticking here! I’m waiting on God’s timing for all of that and am content to find a husband first. Of course, that’s all if God wills me to have a family. :D

Grandma usually has Kaya on Thursday mornings. One Thursday afternoon, I was ambushed by the little joy. I took my new toy out and started taking pictures. Kaya, of course, wanted to take pictures herself. I carefully showed her how and to make sure she had the strap around her wrist. We had no accidents, except that she hasn’t quite got the use of the video feature yet. She actually took a few good shots. I think I might hafta hire her to be my assistant one day.

Mahalo for reading! And in a few months, the updates shall change to beat downs from a 4-yr old! I’m so looking forward to that.

Here’s a few of the shots from our photo day:

It started on a pouty moment.

Then she came out and terror spreads over my face out of necessity.
R: Grandma, as seen by Kaya.

L: Playing keep away with the camara.
R: Kaya catches me trying to lick my clavicle.

L: "No no no..."
R: Kaya showing off her pretty slipper.

L: Gotta have the butt shot. Well, it is my good side.
R: Kaya loves her mommy.