Monday, September 15, 2008


I have been given the title warning by Apple. Lemme just say it’s weird being scolded by someone younger than me, but I love it! At least I know someone’s reading!

It is halfway into the month and this is the first post of the month. I…am…ashamed. Haha, not really. I have intentions of posting regularly and I have entries waiting to be posted but…life happens. The past few weeks have been a case of having too much on my mind and not having enough of a release to sort any of it into some kind of coherent…whatever. If you know me, this is no surprise.


What’s My Age vs. MI
Mission Impossible was originally planned for August, but one of the leaders came down with health problems and maybe other things happened that I’m not aware of. August MI was cancelled.

I had decided to celebrate my birthday this year whether or not I feel like it. I wanted to make the celebration a gathering on the casual side. Auntie Shirlynne gave permission to have it at her house. Auntie and Uncle are away for a little bit and will be coming back later this week. We agreed to have my gathering at their house on the 20th.

If I celebrate my birthday at all, it is usually done in October. Don’t ask me why. Because of this and other reasons, people for years have been confused as to when my actual birthday is, and that is fine with me. So this year’s event is early.

I put the event up on facebook and invited people. Then I got word that MI has been moved to September, on the 20th. Yes, that is the same night as my event. I would’ve liked to have known sooner because I’d like the event to be documented on the [IMPACT] blog and that has so far been my…task. I suppose I will just have to be at peace with circumstances out of my control.

The part that sucks is that about half the people I’ve talked to or hung out with recently are also [IMPACT] people. I want them to support [IMPACT] which is hosting MI. If you’re one of these people, I understand.

And if you’re wondering, no, I will not change the night of my event. It is the weekend that the house is open. I have a friend coming down from SF then. And my sister is moving to Seattle a few days after the event. On the one hand, MI comes only once a year, usually. On the other hand, a celebration of my birthday...comes less often!

Well, if you’re with [IMPACT] and you don’t get a chance to stop by Auntie’s, here’s a suggestion; invite me out for my actual birthday! If you know when that is. Or just send a very expensive gift and ALL will be forgiven.

Anyways, hope everyone has fun on the 20th!

And if any [IMPACT]-ers would like to write up a short summary of MI, please do so and let me know!

Buried Hatchet Resurfaces
Well, I have tried every possible action within my power. I had a really bad falling out years ago with a friend I thought I could trust. Anyways, aside from my naturally being a private person, the bitterness from the event had caused me to put a high, thick wall around me. God has effectively knocked that wall down and I am back to my normal level of privacy.

When God knocked the wall down and spoke to me, I forgave the whole situation. Anyone who knows anything of the event probably didn’t realize that I blamed myself for it even though I cannot figure exactly what I did wrong but let’s not get into all that here. Obviously I have some responsibility in the situation and at the least, I believe I must not have been the kind of friend the other party needed. For a long time, I tried to reach out to at the very least confront the issue, to get some reconciliation so on my end I could let go of the bitterness.

I shall call this “friend”… “Hatchet.” I ran into Hatchet’s mom and brother last month, had a nice chat. Then I felt led to contact Hatchet who is actually on my FB. I asked if we’re cool now and if I’m forgiven. I got back a lame response:

What’s in the past is done with. There’s too much in life to look forward to rather than dwell in the past.

Hatchet’s response doesn’t really surprise me. Hatchet has always been a fan of lame quotes and platitudes. Stuff like lame answers like that irritates me. I mean, why even respond at all? I wasn’t dwelling in the past. Given an opportunity for reconciliation or to confront a situation, I’m going for it.

So that is that. I had been wondering and now I have my answer; to Hatchet, I’m just another name on FB to rise up the GreenPatch ladder and other stuff.

What all this comes down to is that I had become good friends with bitterness and the answer, the only answer I needed, was to give it ALL to God. When you have feelings and you don’t know what to do with them, give them to God.

Fantasy, No Kidding!
I joined my friend’s fantasy football league on FB. I couldn’t think of a good name so I am manager of the Hilo Hot Rocks. With a random draft, I’ve got guys like the elder Manning, Plaxico and Wes Welker.

Here’s how you know it is fantasy. Week 1, I didn’t really set my lineup. I not only beat my opponent, I gained the top spot [1st of 6] in the league.

The past weekend was Week 2. I thought all my guys were playing Sunday and set my lineup on Friday. Then like 1 AM Sunday, my friend messaged me saying I had a guy with a bye. I quickly changed that and set the lineup. As I type this, all my guys have played, I am down by 7, and my opponent still has Romo to go on Monday! LOSE MONEY.

But I think I might have the #2 spot overall this week. We’ll see on Tuesday. Considering I played all the right guys without trading anyone, that all but one guy made more actual points than they were projected to and overall my team made 10 more actual points than projected, I’m doing pretty good.

That’s about it for now. Will I post tomorrow? Who knows. I’ll try. Or I’m just keeping you on the edge of your seats on purpose. The comment box has been pretty quiet these days…and I mean before I went on my little hiatus. I know at least 4 of you are reading…is it that the entries suck?!! Lol.

Well, here’s the deal. If I know people are reading, the more I’ll be inclined to post rather regularly. And leaving a comment is the easiest way for me to know someone’s keeping up here and there. If you’re shy you can even leave a comment anonymously.

Ehm, Mahalo for reading!

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