Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gone Zoomin’!

Well, they’ve broken me down. I am still a Circuit City shopper. This means that I am yet poor and CC still has pretty good sales every so often. But it seems that CC has heard my whining and now has service in stock! And as I’m a sucker for second chances, I went down to CC for something I’ve had my eye on for quite awhile! It’s also been one of the things I’ve been saving up for, so this shopping trip was extra nice!

So the CC ban might be aborted yet.

I got my first of two camaras I’ve been saving for, the Olympus Stylus 1010! It went on sale earlier this month.

I wanted the Olympus to check out its weather-proof capabilities. The Stylus series has two categories: the regular and the SW. SW stands for shockproof and waterproof. I would’ve wanted to check out the SW ‘cuz as much as I try to be careful with my gadgets, I can be a little rough with them. And it would be cool to be able to take pics underwater! But with the SW doesn’t come much zoom. It only has +0.6X more optical zoom than old camara; not much of an upgrade.

I was considering getting another Sony so I wouldn’t have to buy more memory, or a Nikon to match the other camara I’m saving for, either one with 5x zoom. Then I saw the [regular] Stylus with 7x zoom and the drooling began! So did the saving….

It came on sale at CC and I went. I browsed for a few minutes, then caught the attention of a salesperson. He asked if I was being helped; give CC one point. I told him what I had come for and he got it; another point. He asked if I would need extra memory and helped me there also; two points. He wrung it up, I paid, and I was out the door! He was very pleasant as he helped me so another 2 points for good attitude.

I could barely wait to get to the car before getting it out of the box! Good thing Mom had taken me so she could drive and I could play with my new toy! :D

And I’ve been taking photo after photo since. I am very pleased with toy! It has been as I’ve expected.

And yes, my fingers still haven’t learned to stop typing [cam-E-ra] in Spanish!


Old: Sony Cybershot DSC-92
3x optical zoom; 5MP; 1.5" LCD
1.3 x 4.7 x 2.2; 9.4 oz.
5 shooting modes

New: Olympus Stylus 1010
7x optical zoom; 10MP
2.7" hyperscrystal LCD
0.99 x 3.9 x 2.2; 4.8 oz.
27 shooting modes
dual image stabilization
photo numbering

Olympus Stylus 1010

Here are some of the shots I’ve taken with the Stylus so far:

Megamouth, "Whatchu lookin' at, Bub?"

From here...

...all the way to here! That's what I call ZOOM! :D

Date with Jules

Kia will slobber you to death if provoked. Actually, she'll do that even when unprovoked.

I love white flowers!

The Fuller Family. Baby Zeke's mesmerized by Daddy's guitar skills.

I also love orchids! Though I prefer the live ones.