Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And Now, Back To the Regularly Scheduled Programming

Or something. I can’t remember what the regular program was. Anyways…

After all the [IMPACT] summer activities were over, I thought things would calm down for me and I’d be back to 24/7 thesis. Wrong. August is more of the same, busy! And still 24/7 thesis.

But, also a lot of fun along the way!

A Month of Appreciation

For the month of August, KUC is celebrating its 95th anniversary! Which includes a special anniversary choir full of seasoned singers from previous choirs and anyone else who’d like to make a joyful noise! I am no longer “THE Young One” of the group. Romina is a sophomore in high school who often sings in the praise band with her mother and they sing very well together. Then I think I’m the next youngest.

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hongo are leading the AC [anniversary choir]. They chose several classic hymns, like “To God Be The Glory” and “Jesus Paid It All.” I think he thinks we’re also going to try the Hallelujah Chorus. All of the songs seem to be in the very high range. Even in 2nd soprano I’m straining but that’s not gonna stop me! “Battle Hymn” is on the list, of which I love the words, and “Hosanna” which we sang for the past Easter performance and was/is also one of my favorites.

Sunday and Wednesday nights are also times of praise. These are special services where many come and sing old hymns, contemporary praise songs, and give testimonies of God’s goodness and grace. Anytime I get to sing, I’m there!

All of August, we also have a guest pastor, Pastor Stan Johnson who had been the pastor for KUC back in the 60s/70s. He’s 80 and going strong!

The main celebration will be from Aug 22- 24. Click on the picture for a larger view of the announcement.
To Be Young Again

Parents, hide your children.

Since May, I’ve been supporting the youth department of KUC. Back in March, Mr. K had asked if I’d be interested in helping out. I said I’d think about it. At the time, I was in my first adult Sunday school class and it was going through The Truth Project. It was a good class! I didn’t wanna miss out on any of the videos.

And I thought about the YD. And thought. And thought a little more. I’d been trying to find something more to do with church than sing in the choir, not that singing in the choir is a small thing at all. In past conversations with Apple, I always thought that she would be working with youth someday. It seemed to be an interest of hers, and she’s way more patient than I am. She's better suited for the position.

And I suppose, I’m still learning to trust myself. With God’s guidance, I’m still working on things.

Well, I prayed about it and it seemed as if working with the YD was the best idea. I’m not sure why it made sense to me; all I can say is that it must’ve been from God ‘cause I can’t explain it. I kept recalling CareBear and how she had been such a great influence for me when I was a youth, and still continues to be one. I suppose this is my time to pass the gift along?

And, God always gives us what we need to do His work.

So my involvement began the first Sunday in May. Then it led to helping out with [IMPACT], which was a good opportunity for me to get to know the kids and have them see that I’m committed to being around for them. Just read the previous entries. I also sat in with classes to support Joel and Mr. & Mrs. K.

I think I’m doing alright so far. ? *shrugs*
Blog Hog

*shakes head* I still don’t like the sound of the word “blog.” Whatever.

Beginning at the end of July, I have officially been deemed the [IMPACT] Historian. It came from the fact that I was blabbing about the HYSO hosted by [IMPACT] on here. Let’s face it; I like writing, when I get a chance.

So [IMPACT] people have had some access to this blog because I thought I’d share what I had written. I wasn’t sure if I would write something for each HYSO activity, but I was able to.

Now in order for this journal to become more private and personal again, and at the request of [IMPACT] leaders, [IMPACT] now has its own blog site! And guess who’s administrating it? Yup, ME! Well, for the mean time. This should be good! Check out the link to the left; all of the entries I had written for the HYSO have already been reposted there so you can read what I and [IMPACT] have been up to this past summer.
Culture Moment

August first, Brother treated me to sushi and a show! We saw the Hawai’i Opera Theater’s “A Little Night Music” at the Blaisdell. I had no idea what the show was about but it was fantastic! It reminds me a bit of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” which is also fantastic so read or watch it. The actress who portrayed the actress Desiree [pronounced De-zee-ray] in “Night Music” was wonderful!
What Else?

Um, as I’ve said earlier, things haven’t really died down at all and most likely never will! But that’s okay. Hopefully I’ll get to writing/ posting entries soon about Mom, Kaya, and my new toy!

Mahalo for allowing me the two weeks break! Come back again!

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